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User Image nourishedheart Posted: Feb 16, 2018 8:42 AM (UTC)

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Our last afternoon in Bali. Fingers crossed this little monkey sleeps most of the flight home through the night tonight ✈

Such an amazing time in this beautiful country with family and great friends. First overseas trip with our bubs all together was a great success! Two sets of twins running around + a solo speedy crawler = some amazing memories made. So thankful that we can give Aria the opportunity to experience another country and their culture. This whole trip has been a massive sensory adventure for her and we can tell she's loved every moment! Can't wait for our next big holiday!
We could easily stay longer. But I'm so looking forward to seeing our boys 😺🐈
And just like that our little Bali vacay has come to an end. This little one was the perfect traveller.. Or maybe we just got lucky on both flights. She slept pretty much all of the flight snuggled up to. She had an hour in the bassinet then decided she would rather mama cuddles. It meant I didn't get any sleep.. But that's okay 😉 I'll happily take cuddles all day from this mini snuggler.
What a great trip with our lovely friends! Missed waking up with everyone this morning and seeing all the kiddies together. So many beautiful memories created, can't wait for the next trip 😉😊 Hope everyone had a fab weekend! ☀
User Image nanilac.palestine Posted: Feb 20, 2018 9:59 AM (UTC)

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ماما إذا أردت أن تدخلي صنف جديد من الطعام لطفلك، قدمي له الطعام وهو جائع لأن الطفل وهو جائع تزيد فرصته لتجربة طعام جديد
#MOM #MAMA #نانيلاك #مسروجي
"You mean to tell me I'm not a twin" 😬😂 Twins on tour plus one 👶👯👯 Happy Monday! Already missing our Bali buddies. Time to plan the next trip!
User Image nourishedheart Posted: Feb 20, 2018 9:48 AM (UTC)

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How cute are these two 😍😉 So thankful to have had my hubby looking after me and Aria while I'm feeling like death warmed up. He's been amazing! Such a hands on Daddy anyway but he's done basically everything and allowed me to nap throughout the day today when I felt zonked. I lost my voice today. When it does decide to half return mid whispering conversation I sound like a husky man. My sinuses are screwed, my throat is ouchy and tissues are my new best friend. My day consisted of a rollercoaster of being freezing and rugging up, and then burning up and being all gross and sweaty. So sexy... 😦😑 Pretty sure someone gave me man flu on the flight home from Bali.

Feel free to chuck any home remedies my way! I'm breastfeeding so that knocks a bunch of things out. Fingers crossed it runs it's course quickly! In the mean time.. I have minimal appetite but ice cream has felt soothing on the throat - so that must mean it's good for me.. Right?!
User Image solusi_promil_berhasil_99 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 9:53 AM (UTC)

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