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Cuộc sống này tìm 1 người đáng để tin tưởng còn khó hơn việc tìm một người mà để đi chung đến hết cuộc đời :) Vì ngay cả bản thân đôi lúc còn sống sai với cảm xúc của chính mình , thì thử hỏi làm sao mà dám chắc chắn những người ngoài kia là toàn tâm toàn ý với mình ❤️#me #girl #followme #follow4follow #hey #idontbelieve #sad #ineed #haizzzzzz💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤 #g9💤💤💤 #❤️
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Anytime I see something that's discouraging and that will lead people to hell; I'm going to Speak in it; and I'm going to drop Biblical Facts. Anyone who disagreed with The word of God is my enemy. I'm refering to a post I saw last night that was very discouraging about telling someone your story; which is a Testimony. I still got love for the sister and her fiance Rizzle. They have a radio show and I was a featured guest and we did our thing. But my main point in this is that; I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE A PASTOR; BISHOP; DOCTOR; RADIO HOST; ETC...NONE OF US ARE NEVER EXEMPT FROM BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE; AND I FEAR ABSOLUTELY NO MAN...EVERY OUNCE OF FEAR IN MY HEART BELONGS TO GOD...THIS IS THE MAIN REASON WHY A LOT OF BLACK PEOPLE ARE SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT...THEY GETBA LITTLE SOMETHING GOING FOR THEMSELVES AND JUST THINK THEY CANT EVER BE WRONG...IT'S EXTREMELY HARD FOR WOMEN TO ACCEPT ACCOUNTABILITY AND AXMIT WHEN THEY'RE WRONG; BUT WHEN ITS TIME TO DISCUSS DEADBEAT FATHERS AND LACK OF CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS; THEY MAKE A LOT OF NOISE...THATS WHYBA LOT OF WOMEN CAN'T KEEP A MAN NOR KEEP HIM HAPPY. GUYS CARRY TOO MUCH PRIDE ON THEIR SHOULDERS WHICH PREVENT THEM FROM ACCEPTING ACCOUNTABILITY. THE LACK OF HUMILITY AND A OPEN MIND; PRIDE; STUBBORNNESS, NASTY ATTITUDES; IGNORANCE; AND THE LACK OF EDUCATION WILL ONLY GUARANTEE ONE THING! BLACK LIVES WILL CONTINUE TO NOT MATTER TO BLACK PEOPLE. BUT IT WILL ALSO MEAN THAT INNOCENT KIDS WILL CONTINUE TO BE MURDERED AT ALL TIME HIGHS; PRISONS WILL CONTINUE TO BE BUILT; AND I'M GOING TO INVEST IN ME A FUNERAL HOME...SMH! Back to the moral of this post. I didn't say anything wrong or disrespectful to the lady. Here's my response I put on her post about giving your Testimony: "Testimonies are critical and extremely effective to those who are broken and in need of hope! I'm a living Witness. My Testimonies have a lot of people reading and thinking"....She then said I was being petty and acting like a girl! Really? Then she tagged her fiance and some other guy that she claimed had checked me😂😂😂 I'm like; really??? The book of Proverbs says something along the lines of; "A fool despises correction"...#INeed #CommentsPlease 💯
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