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Still can't get over our amazing time in #INDY. Building a dream business with these three is gonna be freaking FUN!! This trip solidified and aligned our visions! Thanks #primericaconvention2017 #INDY2017 #allindyteam #INDY2000 #Squad #DIRMONFDN #FUTURErubyWearers
User Image jaz__q Posted: Jun 22, 2017 1:35 AM (UTC)
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User Image dina_rochdi Posted: Jun 20, 2017 2:43 PM (UTC)
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50k persons at Primerica's Convention 2017
Sorry for those who tough it's a scam, MLM or Pyramidal compagny !
#primerica #indy2000 #indianapolis #lucasoilstadium
User Image wikisdad Posted: Jun 20, 2017 2:08 AM (UTC)

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We had the opportunity to speak at the @mikesharpesnsd and @shane_jessie_perry hierarchy meeting in Indianapolis!!! What a privilege!!! #indy2000 #primerica #mikesharpe #ruzichbaseshop
User Image officialyjoshy Posted: Jun 19, 2017 11:38 PM (UTC)
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The 2017 primerica convention was fire! We're charged up and ready to make our dream life come true. But most importantly to give the opportunity to those who want to make their dream life a reality. The strength in numbers shows why Primerica is dominating the financial services industry. @jeanashleysuva and I have planted our flag here in primerica because of many reasons but the main one is what gives us goosebumps and that is because primerica delivers! It blessed us and others as well. No longer do we get pats on the back for doing a good job or getting a small raise from wages at a job but instead we are recognized here in primerica by millionaires, we go up on stages to receive awards, we party with thousands and thousands of primericans, I got to wear one of the million dollar rings from one of the million dollar earners who said "put my ring on and smile for the camera because one day you will be a millionaire just like us just keep fighting". I mean what a dream come true, can you ever ask your boss or ceo at your job to put their rings on your finger? Well first of you can't. But most of all we get paid our worth thanks to primerica. Ashley and I realized a long time ago that our worth was not minimum wage but more destined for greatness! There were over 45,000 primericans (which is not even the entire population of primericans), at the convention all with the same goal and as we looked around the stadium full of primericans we realized another thing...that these people are winners, willing to sacrifice for something even better, willing to go through adversity just to build a legacy and give freedom to their families. Man! It motivated Ashley and I like crazy!!! To see so many people fighting for the same dream as us. We have only been licensed for a year and 6 months and this was only our second convention but there's many more years to come to build our empire. #primerica #2017primericaconvention #indy2000
Only take advice from people you are willing to trade places with
Best part is I have some of their numbers and can call for mentorship at anytime! Such an honor! (When Bobby Buisson gives you a big hug and gives ya a kiss on the cheek! 😍) #primericaconvention #legends #millionairesurroundings #idtradeaceswiththem #indy2000 #whoyousurroundyourselfwith #mentorship #leaders #mindblown
User Image cherub_moriah Posted: Jun 17, 2017 9:39 PM (UTC)

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Sooooo proud of this beautiful woman!!!! I had the honor and pleasure of meeting her two years ago as a Regional Leader. Today I had the honor of seeing her promoted to #RVP !!!! Again I'm so proud of you @joy2know thank you for being such a great role model for young women like myself. ❤️❤️❤️😘 #RVP #millenialtakeover #Indy2000 #FSVP #fightwithfaith #livewithfreedom
Shout out to @mikasaunders for winning the Virgina Carter Award.. Your such a powerful woman you inspired us all.. I have new goals set to hit by next convention and I know I will thanks to you. You're amazing and keep doing what your doing. See you at the top, because the bottom is to crowded. 🏆💸🏆💸🏆♀️ #WomenInPrimerica #Achievements #Strong #Powerful #WomenAreTough #Blessed #PrimericaConvention #Indy2000 #MillionaireInTheMaking #Humble
User Image cherub_moriah Posted: Jun 17, 2017 8:07 PM (UTC)

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User Image cherub_moriah Posted: Jun 17, 2017 1:15 AM (UTC)

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User Image aidraa Posted: Jun 16, 2017 2:36 PM (UTC)
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aidraa 9M ago
Spending the weekend with 60,000 Of my best friends. #primerica #indy2000 #itsalifestyle #GameChangers
Primerica Convention legitimately has 60,000+ people here today.. 😳 what an incredible and unique opportunity. Nobody takes care of the middle market like Primerica does. We are always looking to build NEW LEADERS! If you're looking for us, we're looking for you! #primerica #Indy #convention #indy2000 #hiring #licensing
User Image ashley.tscott Posted: Jun 16, 2017 12:17 PM (UTC)
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