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User Image higherpurpose Posted: Feb 17, 2018 7:33 PM (UTC)

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It's important for everyone to find their passion. We can't get caught up on a routine because life is about experiencing as many moments we can to the fullest. Many open minded individuals are creative in nature and you feel that you are, I wish to incourage and inspire you to find creative interests and give them a long enough chance to see your progession of the talent. After a month or two you then can decide whether or not you are passionate enough about this talent to stick with it. Do this over and over with as many interests as you need before you find out what your heart truly desires. Once you find that visualize this passion becoming your main source of income, and make a plan to manifest that vision. Your dreams are literally at the tip of your fingers. Never let them go. (Art: @jojoesart)

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