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User Image bigbossysoldier Posted: Oct 8, 2017 8:16 PM (UTC)

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I recieved some Bad news on Friday from the Government of Canada Folks,
more importantly the Department of National Defence.
Looks as though I am still being Denied my Canadian Forces Decoration aka the CD Medal for 12 years of service to Canada.
I was #Reprimanded by a FuckStick #RCAF Officer named Major Taylor back in 2013 and it Yielded me my Good Service Medal.
FF⏩ to February of 2017.
I was told by a Still Serving Brother,
I was going to recieve my CD Medal after all.
I thought , excellent I have some Great People in the DND who spoke on my Character,
My Work Ethic and Dedication to the CAF and somehow made a miracle happen.
Unfortunately the Same Brother calls me on Friday and says nope Sorry we can't hook you up with your Medal because you were such a Badass while in the CAF.
I vented on Friday and Saturday and was ultimately emotional after fighting this since 2013 but I have come to the realization that being Reprimanded and losing my CD Priveledge as a Canadian Soldier was for a whole life of being a Spoiled Brat.
I did some epic shit with the CAF but 12 years of Good Service wasnt one.
#HappyThanksgiving to me through the #TakethAway.
#StillALegend .
#StillSelfieBetterThanYou .
Everyone except Me 😉.
#ImmaStillSoldierOn .