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User Image andyimking Posted: Apr 18, 2017 4:09 PM (UTC)
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User Image andythenguyen Posted: May 19, 2015 6:57 AM (UTC)
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I've been talking your ear off. It's been all week about IMKING. As it is our 8 year anniversary, it's the beginning and the end of this journey. Who knows? We may decide to bring @imkingclothing back one day or drop a random special collection with the original team. But for now, we get ready to develop our next project. I'm sure it'll be another crazy ride. Thank you for coming along this incredible journey. As we bow out, we will remember to look back and cherish those moments. It made us who we are. And we'll be better with who we become. Goodbye to our baby. 🙏#SeeThroughTheStruggleAchieveTheImpossible #Oscar #IMKINGorDIE #IMKINGoverEVERYTHING #IMaginaryKINGdom #IMKING
User Image andythenguyen Posted: Mar 28, 2015 6:12 PM (UTC)
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It's starting to sink in that it's the "last" @imkingclothing warehouse sale 😢. Means a lot to have people continuing to support us for almost 9 years now. Thank you to the team, fans, accounts, and anyone apart of this journey. I put my everything into this and so glad that it had an impact on people. #IMKINGoverEVERYTHING
This past @imkingclothing holiday collection is the best work we've put out. I feel it's one of the best lines out there. I proudly wear this everywhere I go. And you know what.. The upcoming collections are ever BETTER! Shout out to the entire #IMKING team. #IMKINGoverEVERYTHING #IKOE
User Image youngsungode Posted: Jan 30, 2014 8:10 PM (UTC)
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I had to buss out the j-walk tee by imking, because I couldn't think of a more accurate way to show how much I don't like this weather.
User Image andythenguyen Posted: Dec 24, 2013 6:38 PM (UTC)
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Wanna know how @murrimking came up with this @imkingclothing concept? Read about it on #illSleepWhenImDead
User Image andythenguyen Posted: Aug 9, 2013 3:05 AM (UTC)
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#TBT at the 4 yr #IMKING anni with myself and Polo. My best friend for 17 years and also my business partner. I wouldn't be doing @imkingclothing if it wasn't for this guy. #IMKINGoverEVERYTHING