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User Image stylesandkiwis Posted: Nov 21, 2017 10:10 PM (UTC)
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It’s twenty past 4 AM when finally the room begins to empty a little. You watch quietly from the far corner as Harry and Camille hug and kiss before she and her small entourage leave for the night. As soon as she leaves Harry’s makings a direct beeline towards you and your heart skips a beat. Crap. “Look, I’m sorry. Things got a little...heated.” He says, for a second there you think he was talking about you, but he wasn’t. “She can get a little…” -“possessive.” You say right away and he shrugs, silently approving. “I’ve got a few more of those dancing moves if you’re up for it…” He says suggestively and his head is tilting towards the dancefloor. “Actually, my feet are kinda killing me.” You lie and head towards the farthest sofa unit in the room. Surprisingly enough, Harry follows. “I’m really happy I met you, Y/N.” He says, out of the blue, and for a moment he seems very intoxicated. “Wow, you must be really drunk.” You nod your head in disapproval with an ironic smile and harry immediately raises his hands defensively. “No, I really mean it.” He insists, his eye contact game is strong and effects you in ways that you don’t quite understand. There’s something about him, and only now you can say to yourself that you understand Liza’s infatuation a little better. “You’re different. Real.” He concludes and his eyes find Liza dancing with his friend - both looking fresh and radiating. “I see a couple in the making.” Harry predicts. “Me too.” You agree before rising to your feet and telling him you were going to go out get some air. “Want me to come with? We could go into the top balcony, it’s VIP only and no one would bother us there.” He suggests and the offer suddenly feels a lot more forward. “No it’s fine. I’ll just go downstairs like a normal person, I need a little peace and quiet.” You say and turn on your heels, leaving Harry dumbfounded and confused. ♦️ #hazza #harrystyles #haroldstyles #harrysfilthysluts #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesimagines #imagine #imagines #imagine1d #imagineharry #imagineharrystyles #imagineonedirection #1d #imagine1d #onedirection #1d #1dimagine #1dimagines 🎀🎀🎀COMMENTS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AND PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!
User Image stylesandkiwis Posted: Nov 19, 2017 9:20 PM (UTC)
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“Babe, I was just…” you can hear Harry's voice over the music as you pass by the troubled couple and straight towards Liza, who’s sitting with Harry’s friend - looking like she’s having a blast. “I think we should go.” You tell her over the loud music and pull her to the side. Her weight shifts back in resistance and he catches on your expression as you look back on a highly pissed off Camille. “Why? What did you do?” Liza asks with a conniving little smile and you roll your eyes at her, but your hands hanging awkwardly and your dropped shoulders are giving away a lot more than they should. “Nothing. It was just one dance.” You say defensively and Liza’s expression becomes playful and knowing - she’s always been a She-devil and a drama lover so it was no surprise that she was looking for the story now. “Is that why she’s looking like a fire breathing dragon?” She giggles and continues to look behind your shoulder. “Stop it!” You nudge her until she looks back at you, her expression still very amused. “It was completely harmless...but I think...I mean. We connected. You know?” You try to explain but it sounds silly and Liza ends up looking at you like you’re crazy. “Never mind. Let’s bounce.” You groan but she removes your hand and shakes her head no. “Dude no. I’m just now starting to have fun and Arthur is a total babe. I think he’s into me.” She says and you’re hardly surprised. Why wouldn’t he be? Yet, staying puts you at a very awkward, uncomfortable position. “Fine, but I hate you.” You say with a frown and sit between Liza and Harry’s other friends. Camille’s girlfriends close in on the rest of the group, trying to start up a conversation with Harry’s friends who don’t seem as interested.
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User Image stylesandkiwis Posted: Nov 17, 2017 12:55 PM (UTC)
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The rest of the evening flows through and through, You and Liza dance with Harry and his friends but you can sense her grudge in the air. The others seem to be oblivious. At one point Harry’s friend is pulling Liza to the side and you can see them exchanging numbers, he’s leaning over her, his hand on the wall close to her head and he seems very into her. As soon as you look away Harry catches your eyes with a knowing smile, then he takes you by the hand and swirls you around like you were lighter than a handkerchief. You cooperate for a moment, giggling and dancing along. Even though Harry maintains a considerable distance and you do the same, your bodies move as one. “You’ve got a great rhythm.” He shouts over the music, his face glowing brighter than the fucking sun itself. “You too.” You say and your cheeks flush. His hand is holding yours as he pulls back and then pulls you to him, your hand wrapping itself around your torso and your body pressed against his. You’re both panting and his eyes are giving you this searing look that you have no idea what to make of. In that moment Harry feels like Prince Charming on a white horse, but you know better than to fall into these fantasies, they only bring on disappointment and heartache. As soon as the song is over a piercing silence falls on the room. Harry releases your hips and you both look away awkwardly, neither one of you has the right words to describe what just happened here on the dancefloor. It was a mixture of electricity, fire, and a tsunami. As soon as you catch Camille sitting back on the couch, her eyes set on the both of you and her arms folded over the tiny chest, you curse under your breath. You can feel Harry tensing up next to you, but before you manage to say anything else - he’s already gone over there. ♦️
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User Image stylesandkiwis Posted: Nov 16, 2017 7:46 PM (UTC)
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“Sorry, I know how this must look but...ugh.” Harry says as he becomes tongue tied, he followed you outside and you have no idea why, but it seems like he’s trying to ease your discomfort. You have absolutely no idea why, he doesn’t owe you anything and she’s his girlfriend and he’s entitled to do whatever he wants with her. It’s none of your business. “It’s alright, don’t worry about it.” You smile at him warmly and sit on a knee-high cement fence. “Can I join you?” He asks as he buttons up the last button on his shirt. You hope he won’t pursue the matter any further. “So...are you having fun tonight?” He asks with a small smile, giving you a squinted look, his eyes shimmering like dark emeralds in the dead of night. “I am. Would be a great story to tell my grandchildren someday.” You say, stealing Liza’s line. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her, you would have never followed Harry Styles in the first place - let alone taken his invitation to join a vip party. “I’m glad. I feel really lucky and fortunate to have met you guys.” He says, his voice suddenly taking on a more vulnerable tone. You find it strange, but only him and nod in approval. You have no idea what else to say. He is a celebrity, but after all - he’s still a stranger. “Hey so, before we go back, I wanted to ask you something.” He says after a long moment of silence. Your heart begins to pound and you have no idea why. You never thought anyone would have that effect on you. When he finally speaks up his request nearly causes you to fall over. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#hazza #harrystyles #haroldstyles #harrysfilthysluts #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesimagines #imagine #imagines #imagine1d #imagineharry #imagineharrystyles #imagineonedirection #1d #imagine1d #onedirection #1d #1dimagine #1dimagines 🎀🎀🎀COMMENTS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AND PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!!🎀🎀🎀