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User Image the_taco_hombre Posted: Mar 18, 2018 12:51 PM (UTC)

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More guac please!!! #Tacos #taco #tacoporn #tacosrule #ilovetacos #mexicanfood #mexicanfoodlove #mexicanfoodporn #bodybytacos #thetacohombre #guacisextra .
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Did you eat your greens today?! 🥑
We’re open til 3am for your St Patrick’s Day hangover 🍀🍀🍀
📍 Richardson - 141 N Plano Rd
📍 Uptown - 2600 Cedar Springs Rd
📍 The Colony - 5800 Windhaven Pkwy # 200
📸 @kimloan504
User Image kimberly.s.parham Posted: Mar 18, 2018 12:43 PM (UTC)

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When I feel judged, and hurt because of it, I’m quick to turn around and do the same act right back - JUDGE OTHERS.
This is a lesson I’ve been working on, within myself, and with my 9 year old. She’s at an age, right now, where kids are starting to be pretty brutal about who they hang out with. Her feelings have been hurt quite a bit, at school, and a few times, she’s been quick to use a sharp tongue TO others or ABOUT others.
First of all, I’m so proud that my girl comes to talk to me about these incidents. When she is hurtful, it weighs heavy on her heart and she feels compelled to talk it out. I love that. She’s so much like her mama, in that regard.
We have started to talk through WHY kids are judgmental or bullying, and what their aim is (to get a result/response). We’ve also talked about, how, when we have a kind heart, chasing after Jesus, it hurts us to hurt someone more than it hurts them.
Jesus loved EVERYONE. He loved the lepers, the non-believers, the government, the slaves... He loved the very men who spit on Him, flogged Him, and those who nailed Him to a cross. And, Because of His pure love and sacrifice, we have a way to get to God.
It’s a big concept for children (and adults)... but, it’s simple. Is it hard to get good grades and easy to get bad ones? Yes. Which one is worth it? Is it hard to be kind, always, and especially when others are hurtful? Yes. Which way is worth it?
Is choosing the path to Heaven more challenging than choosing the path to hell? Of course!!! WHY? Because, look what the prize is!!! Which way is worth it?
Be. Kind. Always.
User Image lostacosnorge Posted: Mar 18, 2018 11:14 AM (UTC)
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Our costumers are the reason we keep improving and working hard everyday! This made our Sunday! 😍😄😁 #mexicanfoodmeetsnorway #lostacososlo #lostacosnorge #ilovetacos #sundayfunday #sundaytacoday
User Image tuyiart Posted: Mar 18, 2018 6:19 AM (UTC)

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"I love tacos con piña" She spent years using her eyes to travel across the multiverse. She expected to find clues about Pantothenic acid and Vitamin T. #ilovetacos #tuyi #tuyiart #multiverse #ilovetacosconpiña #dimensionalgateway #weallareconnected #outofspace #art #noboarders
User Image monica_trojan Posted: Mar 18, 2018 2:36 AM (UTC)

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Procrastinating my workout while playing with snap chat filters. #basic ☘️☘️

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