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Join my team graphic!! Show potential newbies the benefits of being a distributor 💗💗
I'm looking for ladies who want to join my team with a company that is experiencing massive growth. I'm gifting two LipSense colors to ladies who join my team until 10/27 (limited availability). I'm looking for #LulaRoe, #Agnes andDora, and #scentsy reps or lovers. LipSense is a great addition to what you already sell or as a standalone company. I'd love to tell you more. #senegence #lipstickqueens_ #lipstick #workfromhomejob #lipsenselipstick #18hourlipstick #18hourlipcolor #nosmudge #lipsense #business #bosschic #boss #myownboss #makemoney #workathome #team #ilovelipstick #makeup #cosmetics #llr
Had an INCREDIBLE experience at the Senegence Conference!! Read on my why YOU should attend Live Corporate Events!!!! #Senegence #goodforthesoul #amandarupley #liveevents #lipstickjunkie #ilovesenegence
💫 My 5 Minute Face💫

Most days I only have 5-10 minutes to get ready and a lot of those times one of my children is crying or pulling on my leg at the same time 😑 Any other mama's out there relate?
I think this is why we just say FORGET IT! And don't take a little time to put ourselves together. But I know that on the days I do, I feel a little more cheerful, a little more "put together" even though I'm probably not sure what we're having for dinner and I have piles of laundry waiting to be folded (AKA the worst chore ever 😫)
Here are my every day essentials to accomplish my "5 minute face". My goal is always to make myself look fresh and awake (because I'm NOT 😴), so I focus on opening up my eyes with light colored eye shadow (This one doubles as smudge-proof concealer...whaaat? 😯) concealer, eyebrow pencil and mascara, then sheer foundation and of course LIPS! One of my favorite everyday, run-out-the door colors is BOMBSHELL. It's so wearable and adds a little sparkle to this tired mama's face.😴💁
Obviously I don't use all Senegence products YET, but amazingly enough, I'm quickly getting tired of my tried and true favorites ( Like 10+ years favorites) smudging and not lasting all day! Full Senegence face here I come! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
👄 SeneCosmetics Color Concealer in White 👄 ShadowSense Eyeshadow/Concealer in Sandstone Pearl 👄 Bombshell LipSense + Glossy Gloss
Are you a #LipSense #Bombshell? Find out now at www. and check out the NEW Fall Line of LipSense!
Perfect for your next vendor event!!!! DM me for the link to order!!! 💗💗

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