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I never thought I could have more respect for Demi, I never thought it was possible but after watching this I have even more respect and even idolize her even more now. She has always been my idol and my favorite singer. She is beautiful and such a strong person and I am so happy she got the help that she needed because she deserves to live a long happy and healthy and beautiful life. She is very worthy and I have been through similar things she has gone through. This documentary was so much deeper than stay strong and I love this one even more because we get to see more of Demi. Demi is my rock with a beautiful voice. Her vocals are just wow. I have been suffering with depression for almost 8 years now and I have always hated my body. I am a curvy girl and I have always been called ugly and a whore and in high school I was told to slit my wrists and kill myself and that my parents should be ashamed for having a retarded fat kid (I have learning disabilities and that doesn't mean I am stupid.) I had the popular kids in high school make a group facebook page about me bullying me and I had to deal with that as a freshmen and I hated going to school every day it was a nightmare. I started making myself puke and I wanted to die. Now those kids mean nothing to me and I don't give a fuck if anyone thinks I am fat or stupid or ugly because I think I am beautiful and I love my curves and found someone who loves me for me and I have a heart of gold. Demi has helped me every step of the way with her music and every speech she has given and I just would love to meet her one day just to tell her how beautiful she is and how beautiful she makes me feel and say thank you. It doesn't matter if you are curvy or skinny any body size is beautiful. Demi has taught me a lot through the years and we are the same age and I am thankful for her and I am a huge fan. I have never once seen her in concert because I don't have the money and I am just so eager to go and see her. She has made me feel so proud to be a lovatic. Its amazing and incredible to see how far she has come in life. All the feels watching this making me happy cry and proud. i just ugh I love you Demi Devonne Lovato. <3
Her documentary #SimplyComplicated is simply raw, stunning, vulnerable, open and all honesty. So happy to have this amazing young woman as my idol, my inspiration, my strength and the one who’s always there for me through her music. I’m soooo proud of you @ddlovato !!!! #simplyamazing #demilovato #documentary #ilovedemi #proudlovatic #myfavoriteperson #alwayshereforyouguys
My baby😍
I am so proud of her♡
It's been a long time since I've posted, I know. But things are not easy now that school has started. Hope everyone's okay and happy♡ Love you guyssss.
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:53 of pure jodiendoness ... It's a well known fact that I have some siiiiick white people dance moves(😂) ... add a little solo lifting sesh and the likes of my favs @taylorswift @ddlovato @maroon5 & you have some legit magic unfolding !! Haha ... 😝🤷🏼‍♂️🏋🏽🙈🕺🏼• •
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Ugh i have hell *cough* school tommorow /goodnight guys love you all thanks for all the love and suport xoxo ♥️ also comment down below what you want me to do if i hit 1k ♥️ {tags} @ddlovato @jaxjones #godhelpme #idontwannagotoschool #lovaticgirl #facereveal #omg #ilovedemi #iloveyall
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