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#photoadaymay22: '#pink' - this is the hill my house is on, I run up to the top to take sunset pics 😊
No smoko, no alcohol, no money, no baby. It seems I have a pretty boring day ahead....
kazzaton 295w ago
Looks a lot like summer here in Sydney!!
I really hate watching hearts break from afar. Not because it makes me uncomfortable, or because I think they should keep it to themselves. But because I know that words mean so little and that hugs and time is the only cure. Hang in the wonderful people. I promise the sun will shine again.
The #weather has been so weird lately. Last year the rains started in October a full 3months early and didn't finish til well into March. This year they don't seem to be starting at all, which you would think would be a good thing, but the humidity is hell. I would rather the moisture fall instead of just sit in the air :/
So, while the #storm missed us last night, this morning #rightnow it is still grey and muggy. I'm thinking it'll rain at some point today. Thi is an entry for @jtskape's #totravelistolive tag. I live in the paradise of the #whitsundays. Don't come here during jan/feb cause it rains for at least 6wks straight and the water is filled with evil jellyfish.