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✂️💥@charliejohnsonfitness Simply Shredded Ebook has now gone live! The 12 week program is now available from the link in his bio 👉@charliejohnsonfitness
jmudick 32s ago
@Regranned from @train4changellc - This weekend at the #phoenixeuropa @roxannelynn21 brought her best package to date and took 4th place in the open! I am very proud to be the coach of such a great athlete with a huge heart! This only the beginning for you and I am so excited for the future!! _________
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To say it was DERICIOUS would be a severe understatement! 😍
Now onto desert!? 🍨🍡🤔
Made my first trip to @bottleboxbeer today. I told wonderful Ms. Emily that I would take a mini growler over a crowler so I wouldn't drink it all at once but... it's exam week. And the watermelon gose is SO good. If youre in the hampton roads area and need some good craft beer, you HAVE to check this place out. #growler #craftbeerenthusiast #crafty #beersnob #norfolk #va #vacraftbeer #hamptonroads #beer #craftbeer #gainz #micros #iifym #beerdrinking #activewear #chickswholift #gaintrain #hiker #mountaineer #mountaingirl #explorer #student #bottomsup #beer #gose #untappd #brewery #brewing #beerdrinker
"To not give a f*#k is to stare down life's most terrifying and difficult challenges and still take action."-The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F%*K ✨The biggest wins I've had in my life were the moments I honestly didn’t have a super emotional attachment to:

🔹Booking “Memphis” at La Jolla
🔹Booking “Godspell” (which gave me some of my closest friends to date)
🔹Becoming an Elite Coach in 2015 (didn't even know what it meant when I "hit it")
🔹Finding a husband/partner for life (wasn't at all looking for a boyfriend when Mike and I reconnected)

All of these things happened…”naturally” but with a SHIT TON of work on the sidelines.

🔹I’ve been studying and taking acting classes since I was a kid and performing since I was eight--I’m 30. That’s a SHIT TON of years of practice.
🔹I worked my ASS off in 2014/2015 to receive that Elite title...I deserved that title even though I had NO CLUE what I was getting or what it meant.
🔹I focused on loving MYSELF first and having a great relationship with myself (thank you personal development) and the Universe brought back Mike Bayen into my life...the Tuba player who sat behind me in band for 3 years...who I NEVER talked to.
Some people call these things coincidence, but MY PEOPLE understand that there is no such thing...these were all meant to be, and I truly think the common denominator for all of these things happening was me doing the WORK behind the scene, PASSIONATELY, and without an emotional attachment to the outcome.
I was doing it because I LOVED it and because I was CALLED to it. The more we let go of the external rewards, the more we realize, that’s not WHY we do things, but just a really cool by-product.
What’s ONE thing you’re super passionate about that might not make you money, give you accolades, but that you can’t help but do because it’s in your soul? 👇🏻Comment below👇🏻
So you want to builder your traps? Just shrug it out. Shrugs have been a staple exercise of mine to help build those slopes by my neck. S/O to @chadsirilla for making me look small lol.
📹 @dennisgalbreath thanks for the spot
#traps #motivationmonday #wanderwithme
Sculpting my physique to look exactly how I want it to 👌🏾Even if that means suffering through weighted lunges 😩

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✂️💥@charliejohnsonfitness Simply Shredded Ebook has now gone live! The 12 week program is now available from the link in his bio 👉@charliejohnsonfitness
Мы очень любим горы, поэтому в Индонезию мы изначально собирались в треккинг поход на гору Ринджани ⛰. В общей сложности поездка составила 13 дней, Гон Конг-Джакарта-Ломбок-Бали-Гон Конг, первый день мы провели в аэропортах, плюс поездка на машине 3 часа до подножия горы, затем 2 дня треккинга, после чего грязным и замученным нам был настоятельно показан отдых в *5 отеле с бассейном, шампанским и мягкой постелью минимум 3 дня 🤤. Затем вылет на Бали, мы сняли виллу с тремя спальнями и большим бассейном (плюс шеф-повар и горничная) через Airbnb, которая вышла по стоимости, как стандартный номер в отеле 😳(всем советую этот сервис🔥 НО читайте отзывы о виллах внимательно и изучите расположение, а то, как нам, придется по часу ездить в Ubud (pick up на экскурсии обычно происходит там). За 13 дней мы покорили горы Ринджани (3726м, убийственная тренировка на ноги и сердце 😳😳, мало тренированным лучше даже не думать об этом 😅) и Батур (1717м, нагрузка в меру, подходит всем), занимались рафтингом, посетили несколько классов йоги, прокатились на велосипедах по Балийской деревне рядом с вулканом, увидели рисовые террасы Джатилювих, находящиеся под охраной ЮНЕСКО, про всякие храмы я молчу (На Бали я третий раз, так что при виде них я откровенно зевала 🤦‍♀️😅), побывали на секретном пляже только для местных 😎. Про всякие лайфхаки я расскажу в следующем посте ✅. Конечно было еще много чего интересного, но самое главное - это хорошая компания и позитивный настрой 🙏🏻😍🙌🏻. Фото было сделано с горы Батур, а среди облаков страшная гора Агун, активный вулкан, из-за которого эвакуировали местных жителей, живущих у подножия 😱🌋. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #travel #indonesia #lombok #mountrinjani #hongkong #postworkout #dinner #breakfast #lunch #ип #интуитивноепитание #гонконг #互粉 #赞 #iifym #healthy #fitfam #гибкаядиета #flexibledieting #workout #пп #hk #hkhiking #vegan #hkvegan #hiking
This picture was taken in a dirty gym bathroom late on Friday night. Sleep average was horrible last week, but I still got my training in. Sure, we could talk about how sleep is more important, but instead here's a #TytaniumTip for making time for training:

Make sure your program prioritizes feasibility. We spend so much time analyzing research and data to figure out what will produce the best results. We might occasionally forget that we actually need to able to follow the plan. If it doesn't fit your schedule/lifestyle, who cares how "~~oPtiMaL~~" it is.
In my own program, I include time allowances for each movement. Before the block starts, I estimate how long all the programmed sets of each exercise should take. Once I start the first working set, I set a timer to keep me on track. This allows me to know in advance how long each session will take. I can make sure I block out that exact amount of time in my schedule to get that training done.
Lastly, if I want to train 4 times in a week, I'll add 5 into my schedule when the week starts. When something inevitably gets in the way of training, I can cancel one of those sessions and still get my 4 for the week.
Saw this on the way to work, thought it was a sign of how the day would go, then the nasty cold rain came in, and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. I'll make it into bed shortly I hope!
“Breakfast” vs “Kids Snack”
Both heavily processed
Belvita - 4 Cookies (50g)
Fat 8g
Carb 35g
Protein 4g
Sugar 11g
210 calories
Animal Cookie- 28 cookies (50g)
Fat 3.5g
Carb 43.8g
Protein 3.5g
Sugar 12.2g
230 calories
“4 Hours of Nutritious Sustained Energy” versus, also 4 hours of sustained energy lol… Ok so I wouldn’t go so far as to call Belvita nutritious, so let’s just ignore that word (that’s their description, not mine) because it’s literally a glorified cookie…. and all the glory comes from the fancy wording on the package, not any of the ingredients. It tastes like a mix between an animal cracker and a graham cracker, which are both, in my opinion, cookies, not crackers.
So, here’s the thing about what exactly a calorie is … it’s a unit that measures energy.
Basically, it measures how much energy our body could get from eating or drinking something.
You probably guessed what comes next… whatever the body doesn’t use as energy, gets stored. This is how we get fat 😊 (basically)
So, I guess they are taking the calories on the BOX and some how, magically giving that a timeline in hours, which… sorry to say… is not how this whole “calories in - calories out” thing works
Also, on average, the body burns between 50-110 calories per hour while at “rest”… sleeping, eating, doing whatever daily activities… but it all depends on the persons RMR
OK so my point is this, to say “4 Hours of Nutritious Sustained Energy”, on a cookie box, is funny to me… that language makes it sound like these 4 thin cookies are actually going to fill you up, which, I promise you, they won’t
So, if you’re concerned with macros, have at it! You can totally fit this, or the animal crackers, in. If you’re concerned with micronutrients, skip it. .
Either way, If I wanted to fill up my macros with something delicious, I would opt for something way freakin’ better than either one of these bland ass cookies 😀
Taking a study break to dig into my tofu balsamic salad 🙌🏼🥗 Out of all the beans would have to be one of my favourites! They taste so good and are packed full of fibre and proteiny goodness! 🖤 @equalution #equalution #vegan #whatveganseat #iifym #macros #beansbeansgoodfortheheart #themoreyoueatthemoreyoufart
200 for 2 reps then 135 X 6 X 4 tempo deadlifts.
✂️💥@charliejohnsonfitness Simply Shredded Ebook has now gone live! The 12 week program is now available from the link in his bio 👉@charliejohnsonfitness

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