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We from @iheartsharksmusic love spending time at the beach - it’s like our natural habitat. This is from a shoot to our song THE WATER a while back. @pierre_laporteee in action here with our wonderful beach group. Go check out on YouTube if you haven’t seen it already!
Nothing better than salt in the air and sun on your face. 🌊 Escape to the Sea 🌊
It's hard not to plan an exit strategy when the weekend is so close. What's your escape plan?? ⠀

🌊 Escape to the Sea 🌊
Tour starts soon! TEN YEARS of #iheartsharks. Ticket link in the bio.
Haha, aww. Oh Monday. 😂 As Dad put it, "he loves the shirt... Doesn't love going to school this morning." 😂😍 So cute! Thanks so much, @lockhart1375 for sharing this adorable photo!