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My little acorn @c_venti, tonight someone born in 1994 guessed I was 27, so guess what.... I'm 27. Damn right. Nailed it. Good times 🔥Campfire lighting, also good . So #autumnal . #fallfun #campfire #smores #technicallynotacampfire #justareallybigfire #festiveAF #oliverpeedonmybag #ihatemydog #im27yearsoldtho
So Ted, in his infinite wisdom, decided it would be a FUCKING GREAT idea to eat about 200ml of an oil based lube last night! He has been dribbling #Pjur Backdoor #lube out his ass hole ALL night and leaving lovely little oily ass prints ALL over my house. Genuinely if anyone wants to adopt him slide into my DMs #notimewasters
#dogownerproblems #ihatemydog #heisadick #stupiddog #sendhelp
Mommy didn't like my (Koda) Friday plans... 4min in forest and back in the car - this is my record!😆😜😆😜 Mommy is mad....!!!!!😝😝😝 #shithappens #flatcoatedretriever #retrieverlife #ihatemydog
人生不如意事,十常八九。近期最感哀傷就是,醫生診斷我被咬到真皮層鐵定留疤⋯多樂米我恨你!😡#upset #ihatemydog #baddog #yorkshiredodo #yorkshire
This is what happens to bad dogs that roll in a dead opossum carcass. 2nd dead animal in our yard and Nahla loves them. #ihatemydog
What a day. First I found a big pile of dog poop in Daisy's school tennis shoe. Then I had a classic army wife fail and went on post with an expired ID. At least I had already put on makeup for PWOC. (not that it matters with the way it prints.) Now I have a fresh ID card. The dog, on the other hand, may not live to see October. 😠
#poop #ihatemydog #notmymorning
Good thing about having big dogs, they are great guard dogs. The bad things thing about big dogs, nothing will keep them from getting where they want to be😒 #theshinning #physco #ilovemydog #ihatemydog
Don't buy nice shoes or hide them well if you have a damn dog at home😩😩Yes, Hero chewed my only nice and pricy sandals. And I just bought them a few weeks ago😤😤😤#damndog #herothegolden #stuartweitzman #ihatemydog #guiltydog
This is the walk you get when the dog legit TURNED AROUND AND RAN in so fast I had to call the hubs to tell him to open the door for him. WTF?? It's a sign, right? No LISS today? Sigh, maybe later....WITHOUT the dog. #sweat #bbg #sweatwithkayla #sweatwithkayla #bbgover40 #ihatemydog
Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Dr. Bronner's soap.
Oh HEY August!👋🏻
Nice of you to spring up on us like that. Let's see. List of all the things!
1) MOPS starts in 5 weeks! I spent the morning planning and chatting with folks up at the church and am super excited about what we accomplished! 🙌🏻
2) School starts in 4 weeks. Supplies still have to be bought. And I gotta get back on my lunch-packing game.🍎👧🏼
3) My business is growing! Along with my lashes.👁👁✨ and new friends are joining me along the way!👯
I tidied up my office a bit last night which included a marker board and gold sparkly "K"!✨✨✨
4) The 👶🏼 also decided to behave like a newborn from 5:00 am on this morning so there's that and I still hate my dog.😜🐶 Not much a new month can do about that.🤔
My goals are to get things DONE these next few weeks so that the hubs and I can take a mini vacay {kid-free!} before everything kicks off. Add planning that to the list.💃🏼💃🏼 Keep working out. Keep using my R + F #reverseregimen and help more people get glowing skin! And...soak up time with my loves.💗
What's on your August agenda?😎
This seems cute, but is really Molly refusing to give up my place in the bed. #ihatemydog

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