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When your lab tech at your dental clinic is needing #play-doh for work. I tell my coworker 49 total #igottchu #walmartclearance
Triggered af today so anyone who is homo"phobic" etc please form a single line &unfollow/block me cuz I don't put up with that shit. A phobia is to be afraid or fear something. You being homophobic, transphobic etc just makes you a piece of shit. That's like someone telling you you're an abomination&giving you death threats just because you like ketchup on your mac&cheese. Or like pineapple on your pizza. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS!!? Gay etc. people have had their lives threatened&have been killed&had their HUMAN RIGHTS taken away from them all because some nosey jackasses think they have the right to tell people who they can love&who they can fuck. But I bet those same people wouldn't think twice to cheat on their significant other or date/fuck someone half their age&with several different people&then brag about it. Now THAT is disgusting&WRONG. It's pretty fucking shallow to dictate a person's life of loving&caring for someone based on what their genitals are or if they've had a sex change. And if you wanna talk religion???!! What happened to "GOD LOVES ALL FOR WHO WE ARE&HE CREATED YOU JUST AS HE WANTED YOU TO BE." So with that I guess"God" created gay people. You're welcome. Oh btw I will HAPPILY lose followers for this. I'll let the garbage take itself out👌#lgbtq #pride #safeplace #heteropridemyass #igottchu
When your hair isn't cooperating mid senior pictures sometimes all you need is your big sister and some braiding magic. #torchlake #seniorpictures #sisters #igottchu
Just a sober driver aka free uber for the boys! 😎
Noel is a very beautiful guy I don't have words to describe how awesome his acting is in shameless,tmnt,and many more he is one of the best actors I know that lives on earth and also he is very very very great with Cameron like dayummm noel chill lol love both of my babies💯❤️😘
Okay if I had a picture of Noel I definitely need one for Cameron!!! He's so great I love his acting too I love his everything his hair,smile,height,laugh,I just love his everything his eyes too I love his acting the most in shameless and Gotham like Oml Cameron and Noel actually need to get married and I love how good Cameron is when it comes to acting mental like dayummm he's such awesome I don't know how I would have gotten through a lot without Cameron and Noel I just can't I love my babies
I like my Nexus and all, but TBH it's kinda getting old..#NeedMeANewPhone #TooBrokeForAS8
Who Wanna Drop Off Their Car For A Photoshoot?? #igottchu #HMU #NeedANewModel 😏