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Aujourd'hui reprise de la 🏊‍♀️ avec ma copine 👭
1200m de brasse coulée ✅

Et beaucoup de blabla 🕑 plus loin une séance de balneo en mode zen 🌈 Il me faut bien ça en ce moment 😤😤😤 Bonne soirée IG 😘😘😘 #natation
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It wasn't that long ago that the thought of getting up and starting a workout routine was a ridiculous idea to me. I used to think I couldn't work out in the colder months because the air was too cold and hurt my lungs. Um, that was 17 years of smoking that was doing that, not working out.

My journey began with a bunch of starts and stops. I'd try for a few days, mess up, give up, take a few days off, wait for a Monday and start over- repeat, repeat, repeat.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I LOVE working out. I will tell you though that I LOVE the results from it. I love that my lungs don't hurt anymore. I LOVE that my clothes are smaller. I LOVE that I can run after my kids and not be totally embarrassed when I stop doubled over and wheezing. That was the old me.
Now I get up at 5:30 am (YIKES I know!) to push play on my 30 min workout. If I hadn't found something I love doing, I'd still be 65 pounds overweight, smoking, and sitting on the sidelines. It's not always easy to do it. Some days it really sucks.
But I love knowing that this one little thing I do every day is changing the way the rest of my life is forming! Need some help getting started on your own fit goals? I'd be happy to help and share what's worked for me! #mom #weightloss #transformationtuesday #ignatation #journey #momofboys #workinprogress #yummy #foodie #early #new
3 years ago I walked past a mirror leaving the hotel room, somewhere in North Carolina. What I saw stopped me dead, my stomach felt like it had lead in it, and all the blood rushed to my face. I could not believe that this was me. There was no way this was me. I was 34 years old, mom of 3 and my youngest was 10 months old. I couldn't chalk it up to "I just had a baby". In fact, after my daughter was born I proceeded to gain ANOTHER 18 pounds. I topped the scale at 218 pounds. On a 5'9" frame let me just say it was uncomfortable. I had tried telling myself I didn't look that big. When I found myself shopping in Plus size stores and stretching out size 16 and needing to look into 18's I had had enough. .
I work full time, commute 15 hours a week, and am a mom. I'm busy. I'd stop off at McDonalds on my way home (that long 1 1/2 hour commute needed a snack) and say "Oh, I'll just get a cheeseburger before I get home". I look back now and again ask "What the heck was wrong with me?" I was slowly killing myself. Add on top of it the pack of cigarettes I'd go through in 2 days... It had to stop.
I found a program through Beachbody called The Ultimate Reset. A 3 week program that promised big changes, weight loss, nutrition overhaul, and total cleansing, "or your money back..." We didn't have the money for it and my husband even said no when I told him that this was something that I wanted to do. He didn't believe I would stick to it. I ordered it (shh) and when it came in I read everything cover to cover and planned. I started fully prepared for it to suck. Going hand in hand with a total body cleanse, there was no way I could continue smoking, so Sept 21, 2013 I quit cold turkey, on my first day of the Ultimate Reset.
On the program I ended up losing 17 pounds in 3 weeks. I learned how to eat properly, I learned a TON about food planning and prep. I learned how to take my new lifestyle to work, the land of cupcakes, cookies, and weekly pizza. I learned how to pay attention to how my body was reacting to certain foods and lack of certain foods. I saw MAJOR changes in those 3 weeks.
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🏊Test del nadador (2500m) en mi pretemporada express de natación. Con aletas, palas y los problemas derivados de las mismas. Tampoco estamos tan mal no? Seguimos mejorando. Sigo aprendiendo. Sigo disfrutando. Soy Triatleta >>>>>>> [En] 🏊 Swimmer test (2500m) on my preSeason. I used the tools to make it faster and found some problems. Anyway, I am not doing that bad. Still learning. Pushing. Always enjoying. I'm Triathlete.
Yes I realize I have a problem with this salad!
@dwighthoward. This guy loves to smile and never get tired of playing solid defense. Congratulations @HoustonRockets against the New york Knicks. Great job!

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