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It's right there

All you need to do is

Take the command

In Your hands

Let nobody tell you

It's not any worth

Let nobody tell you

To give up

Let nobody tell you

To succumb to despair

Let nobody except you

Tell you of your dreams

Saying yes I will

Won't make a change

Do it now

Go out of your range

When you see yourself

Right there after sometime

It's up to you to decide

What you gonna say

It was right there, I wish I now may?


I am the hope's ray.

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Saying yes I will

Won’t make a change

Do it now

Go out of your range

What's stopping you to achieve that dream of yours?

#dreamscometrue #wunitt #day15
apt02 3d ago
Segundo sábado do #outubrorosaidl com minha almofada favorita! Não poderia escolher mimo mais fofo que esse! .
É da loja @de_tudo__1__pouco já falei dela aqui, mas vale a pena citar novamente! Se ainda não conhece, corre e se apaixone por esse trabalho fofo!

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