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I still think it's a water spider... - Me on Crabs. Burgers & Shakes at @threeone2one
What jas ate. He said it's delicious and he'll be back with the boys!
Lunch in preparation of that freakshake, I've also ordered a salad for lunch tomorrow. .
Chicken Briyani Pallow at @ashyscafe. Huge serving and delicious. Yellow basmati rice with spices, cooked greated carrot and saltanas with pieces of spiced chicken. Aromic but not heat spicy and full of flavour. The chicken was and tender and top two for best chicken I've had.
The secret is that it has been brine we believe. Can't wait to return soon!
Our first mega freakshake! Team effort required to finish it. There's a Belgian waffle, donut and choc wafer in there amongst many scoops of ice cream and an ice cream cookie! This is the most food pornographic thing I've ever had XD 😅🍦🏅
I'd reccomeded sharing this between 3 at least. Jas says the boys will order one each. While I wonder why it doesn't come in a mini size.
The Banoffee Tart. Family Sized.
By Ribbons & Bows Cakes. $6.25. 50% off from Metro Safeway on Flinders.
We're at the office so can't decorate it with strawberries and mint. The pie sized tart came highly reccomeded by coffee girl and bio guy.
Hello macarons! $1 each from Safeway opposite Flinders/on Flinders near Degraves. Salted caramel and chocolate are the best says the coffee girl. Normally $2. .
@ozbargain @melbourne.cheapeats
Keeping cool with apple, mint and orange infused homemade lemonade. Why is it so hot? 🐳🍷
When you clearly have too much time and want to create something trendy (because marketing said to) but also me. And I love Halloween!
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There is a crack in everything... that’s how the light gets in...

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