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LA SQUAD! we’re coming for you this weekend, live streaming, playing @bikinitrill’s release party, and rocking a boat with @dimmak 🤘🏽
📸: @imhazey
"Greek "Pepon" (large melon) ➡️French "Pompon" ➡️ English "Pumpion" ➡️American English "Pumpkin" ➡️#nerdalert
Check out @Rishimd's pumpkin post for some great health facts about 🎃 🙌🏼
**contest details** follow us and tag @makobiusa and #makobilife in next post. The hardest photo takes home the prize and will be receiving a DM.
Nice day of riding..I'm just starting out cycle touring but it seems to be getting a little easier each time..hills are still a bitch though..I hear cycle veterans bitching about hills too so I don't feel that bad lol..don't think I'll ever do a Super long haul but I am enjoying this..I do miss backpacking though #cyclelife #cycling #cycletouring #instacycle #insta #travel #specialized #specializedsirrus #ridewithgps #instabike #Igerla

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