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For all your adventures, make sure you keep those little ears covered! Check out the fall and winter bonnets by shopping link in profile! 📸: @hlclark29
6 Halloweens ago....when Gia was Gray's age! Its fun/crazy to think back on life, when she was our only baby!
“I’m not a professional athlete. I don’t do this to win money and races. I do this to enhance my life and it brings me joy, along with my family . . . As long as I’m putting them first and taking care of them, everything else usually falls into place.”
Heather Jenson is an Ironman. @triandrungirl And yet, this is how she describes her “little” hobby alongside motherhood. This woman has such passion for what she does BUT is so realistic about how to fit it in, what matters the very most to her, and what to let go of.
In a sport that can lead to obsession and comparison, Heather resists the negative and holds true to what about being a triathlete gives her joy, fills her bucket, and in turn makes her a better mother and wife than she otherwise would be.
Heather knows what the alternative is after experiencing a terrible postpartum depression that left her wondering where the old her had gone. But she found herself again one race at a time, and she is insistent that it is the SMALL steps that lead to life-changing outcomes.
You can listen to today’s episode through the link in my profile, or by searching for “About Progress’ wherever you get your podcasts. Let me know if you can’t figure it out—happy to help!
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catqb 6m ago
'Sleep when the baby sleeps' they say... well that's the dream, I guess.
It rarely happens like that; there's too much to be getting on with when you're newborning: laundry to do, bottles to be sterilised, hot tea to be drunk. It's even harder when you have a toddler too.
But then sometimes, everything falls into place, when you're desperate to fall asleep. Your toddler has a nap AT THE SAME TIME as the baby and you close your eyes for a minute or two and dream of margaritas.
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M i n e ❤️
Hold them close . . . .
He keeps me on my toes,
He makes me the happiest I can be,
He makes my heart full of joy,
But most of all, he makes me proud
Hearing the words "I love you mummy" .. truly blessed! 🙌🏻❤️
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So in love with the flannel from @ella.b.denim !! And it pairs perfectly with most outfits for the perfect fall outfit ❤️❤️ Head to the Ella B Denim VIP page on Facebook to find out when to get them!
At the root of everything I’ve learned, everything I teach and share with others is a simple concept that has transformed every aspect of my life. Self-love. Yeah. Self love. (This is second only to GOD’s transforming love and can only be achieved by truly accepting His love first.) Isn’t loving yourself vain or conceited? Doesn’t God want us to be humble? As a parent, imagine your own child never believing the truth you tell him. Imagine your child not believing in herself or ever accepting compliments - only speaking negatively to herself. Doesn’t this go against the very nature of God? We tell others that “No, God did not do well when he made me” when we reject love and praise. When we view ourselves negatively we are choosing to be ungrateful for the incredible, perfect gift and craftsmanship of beauty that God thoughtfully gave us in our bodies and hearts. When Jesus tells us to “love your neighbor as you love yourself” he’s giving away a huge key to life: We cannot love others more than we love ourselves. Don’t believe me? Think of the people in your life who treat others the worst, are they self assured, positive people? Or do they have a poor level of self love? Are they constantly seeking others approval, vs. knowing who they are and who’s they are? We as humans were created to be unable to love another more than we love ourselves. Today I challenge you to think and observe this concept. When you are upset at yourself, how do you treat others? When you give yourself grace, how do you give it to others? Comment back here with what you’ve observed or share what comes to your mind when thinking about this! Questions? I’m all ears 😘 .... Photo cred: @reginarichardsphotography 😍 Thank you Regina! We loooove them!
Instead of relaxing I went to dr appts and changed diapers, instead of the going to the bar I watched great British baking show, and instead of feeling a headache from wine I felt swollen from cake and ice cream. This is 31 my oh my how it's different than 21, and to be honest, I love it even more🥂 thanks friends for all your sweet texts and messages you sure do know how to make a girl feel loved 💗 cheers to the next

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Two of us have fevers and all of us have been struck down by this nasty virus. Just so grateful for my beautiful family for taking such great care of us these past few days, I really don't know what I'd do without them ❤️ it takes a village, and though mine may be small, it's perfect just the way it is.

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