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Nothing less than a revolution will suffice 🔵 @lensball
And the leaves fell from the trees without regret... 🍃🍂🍁
Me? Excessive? Um I'm sorry having four different kinds of thank-you cards that I can use at a moment's notice is CRUCIAL and having six pillows on my bed at all times just makes SENSE okay and also it's medically necessary for me (alright so this last part is a lie) but to return to my point, I am absolutely not excessive

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Wales in fog 🌫️ -- soo being in the Cotswolds, we realised we were just over an hour away from Wales. Playing English tour guide right now, I gave the in-laws an opportunity to tick off another country on their whiz through Europe. So we did lunch and a quick wander in the sleepy town of Abergavenny // seriously is this place always so sleepy!? 😴😴 is there actual life in it when the weather is better!? // There were some super cool castle ruins. And a pretty park. And good pubs 🥃 -- Rain - 0, Steph's Tours - 1. 🐭 #englishlife #walesadventure
Reminiscing about the gorgeous view from the pier in Berwick-upon-Tweed
Oh Great Britain.... you're such a tease! I'm a sucker for beautiful old architecture so can't but help share this incredible shot by @travel.rach - huge thanks for tagging #mybritain! Have a stroll around many old towns or villages in Britain and you'll stumble upon a row or two of old pretty buildings. Sadly many have been destroyed over the decades and centuries since they've been built but many are still intact. I can't help but smile when I see them, thinking about the history and who may have lived there and what they did for a living! In fact one of my favourite medieval towns that's still very much 'whole' is Lavenham in Suffolk. Check out the link in the bio for more info. Do you have something to share? Don't forget to use the #mybritain tag!

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