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This little modest house hidden by trees and vegetation reminded me of New Orleans. But as for nkw, I am only in the Dahlem part of #Berlin.
Yesterday I explored the Zehlendorf borough of #Berlin and discovered a lot of colourful little gems.
Some houses in the Western side of #Berlin look like little castles. A reason enough to love this city very much.
Yellow, and some patches of orange at one of the local Turkish #markets in Moabit
Less famous than the Bundestag, the Bundesrat is one of the five constitutional bodies of #Germany. Through it, the states are allowed to participate to the administrative and legislative processes of the federation. The lights in the offices late in the evening show that in fact there is a lot to do there.
Mini Cooper is definitely my favourite car, but this little #vintage one looks like a precious jewel.
Industrial #architecture in the middle of the Western side of #Berlin. The huge towers of Vatenfall can be easily seen from the airplane 20 minutes before landing on a clear sky.