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you've got a way to keep me on your side
you give me cause for love that i can't hide
for you i know i'd even try to turn the tide
because you're mine, i walk the line
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Parenting isn't easy. Being on call 24/7 isn't easy. Being woken up every night isn't easy. Always feeling guilty isn't easy. Not having time to yourself isn't easy. Accepting your post-baby body isn't easy. Dealing with tantrums isn't easy. Postnatal depression isn't easy. Ensuring your relationship stays strong isn't easy. Deciding to go back to work isn't easy. Being a stay at home parent isn't easy. Trying to get the balance right isn't easy. But loving my girl? That's the easiest thing in the world to do

This will be part of a series.
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Showering this girl with love and happiness today. Cannot wait for the big day 🤗 Love You!
Having children truly changes you in so many ways. The love you have for your child is extraordinary and one of a kind.. and just think of the way you love your child, and the way God loves His children. It wasn't until after I had Everette that I started to understand the immense love He has for us and the reason why He sacrificed Himself for His children!

P.S. We ❤ Sweater Weather!

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So worried about my #littleman today, never seen him so sick 🙁 Emergency trip to #Dural #vet to visit #UncleBen revealed nothing sinister. #Xrays, #bloodtest, #fluids and some #painkillers later he finally ate some food and gave me a #meow back home. Hopefully it was just a "bad day"... #worriedsick #mybaby #iddoanythingforyou #rescuecat #truelove #petsareforlife #illneverleaveyou
Being a mother is something you just can't prepare for. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant. I thought about my dreams, my goals, and my future. I cried for what seemed like days. People always say " do that before you have kids" or "make sure you finish your goals before you have kids, they change everything" it's true. Everything in my life changed. I was terrified I wasn't going to be able to finish school or get where I wanted to be. But I made the decision to bring life into this world. Sure he turned my world upside down, and changed everything. I have dark circles and bags under my eyes. I'm tired more often than not. My hair is usually a mess and you can find me in yoga pants and an old t shirt most days. My body is not what it used to be. My life is a little more chaotic and some days I wonder how I even managed to keep him alive. But he also changed everything for the better. My days are brighter and my heart is happier. I made the choice to change my life and take on this crazy journey called motherhood. I now put him before anything else and his needs come first. My love for him is unconditional.
Through all of the chaos I still managed to finish nursing school and I'm still working towards my goals and my dreams. My dreams might be a little different but now they are bigger than ever before and I will push through anything that tries to stand in my way.
You are the love I never knew I needed Vincent. I love being your mommy.
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