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This is Aialik Glacier (Eye-al-lick). Glaciers form by snow falling and building up over hundreds of years. As more snow falls it packs the snow under it so forcefully that it forms ice! Ta-Da! You get Aialik Glacier! Aialik Glacier is a tidewater glacier, basically meaning it meets a body of water. Visiting glaciers is bittersweet. They are captivating and magnificent. But they are also receding. And although seeing them calve (when huge ice chunks break off) is beautiful and you hear what sounds like thunder, it’s also followed by a moment of reflection.
Where is your plan for the upcoming trip? Do you want to go to the beach or visiting a cold place with a large icefields like @shammylim? Have you been there? Share your comment! .

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A never ending sea of ice and snow.
The Southern Patagonian Ice Field

Seeing this view emerge as we crested a glacier, it's sense scale and simple beauty, is one of my strongest abeiding memories from my visit in 2013.

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