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Today i had the privilege to meet two beautiful sisters both believers of Christ.
Mother and Son. Sister in Christ, I can only experience the pain you are experiencing through Holy Scripture. I am sure you know as well as I do that all of  our answers to life's issues are in Holy Scripture.
Matt 5:v4; blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.
Sister please read John Chapter 11
The raising of Lazarus
Jesus has power over life and death as well as power to forgive sins. This is because he is the creator of life. He who is life can surely Restore Life whoever believes in Christ has a spiritual life that death cannot conquer or diminish in any way when we realize his power and how wonderful his offer to us really is how can we help but commit Our Lives to him to those of us who believe, what wonderful assurance in certainty we have; "Because I live you also will live "John 14:19
Sister I don't believe in dividing God's kingdom here on Earth as long as we all agree that Jesus is Christ and Lord and savior of us all. Amen
I am a Catholic Christian I would love to share the fifth sorrowful mystery- The crucifixion and death of Jesus
Now there stood by the cross of Jesus is Mother, and his mother sister, Mary the wife of cleophas, in Mary Magdalene. When Jesus therefore saw his mother, in the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother: "Woman, Behold thy son! " Then says he to the disciple: " Behold thy mother! " in from that hour that disciple took her onto his own home John: 19, 25-27
Jesus wishes to see his close to his mother; he wishes that,like children, we keep her hand in the hand of Mary.That is what he wants. He asks us to look to the heavenly mother, that is depend on her. He asked that we accept our Lady as our true mother, who will ignite in s a fervent love for  her son. Mary, we trust in you, take us and put us in the Refuge of your Immaculate Heart, heal with your humility our pride, that's so often takes us far from God.
Sister,  Jesus would have accepted your pains, great is his love for you.
Why is my hair standing😂
Where did my glasses go?
Long time didn't post...dy😅
Вот кто для вас христианин? Наверное, для большинства христианин - это какой -то отрешенный от мира чудик, поющий свои непонятные песенки. Ну, или второй вариант - человек, раз в год забегающий в церковь. Это из разряда все мы христиане, в христианской стране живем.
А я расскажу вам со своей стороны.
Христианство для меня - жертвенность и вера.
Все идут в одном направлении, а ты в другом. Все пьют - ты нет. Матерятся - ты нет. Бросают, кидают друг друга, сегодня с одним, завтра с другим, пожили и разбежались - у нас такого нет. И так вплоть до мелочей - вы сейчас спите, а я уже в церкви. И все по одной причине - Я ВЕРЮ🙌
Трудно - да. Но никогда и ни за что я бы не пожелала себе другой жизни.
Я буду вставать раньше, идти в другую сторону, сталкиваться с непониманием, но сделаю все, чтобы пронести веру до самого конца.

Хорошего дня вам, как бы вы его не провели 🙏

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