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User Image olemisscfb Posted: Jan 19, 2018 11:12 PM (UTC)

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User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 19, 2018 7:49 PM (UTC)

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How do yall think Bjork has been doing? What do you think his biggest priority should be now that he has a football coach signed to a contract? Let me know what yall think.

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User Image thesummitoxford Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:44 AM (UTC)

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User Image team_hightower Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:11 AM (UTC)
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It’s that time.. women’s basketball. Let’s go Rebels. ... watch em live on espn (I’m the tall one in the stands 😘😘)#sec #espn #hydr #rebels
User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 18, 2018 9:02 PM (UTC)

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Rebs women's basketball hits the court tonight against #11 Mizzou. I'm not holding my breath, but the Rebels are at home, so hopefully the Pavilion can give the Basketsharks enough momentum to create a huge upset.

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lmao i failed at centering that missouri logo
User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:44 AM (UTC)

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Blessing in disguise? Look, I get that I'm late to the Patterson Butthurt train, but its my account and I can do what what I want with it. Now, could Shea Patterson's transfer be an accidental favor? It's become fairly obvious that Jordan Ta'amu has a ton more ice in his veins. His talent is like a small, but perfectly cooked T-bone steak. Patterson's talent is kind of like a freshly slaughtered cow. All of the meat is there, but do you really want to eat it?

What do you think about Shea Patterson's transfer?

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User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 17, 2018 9:51 PM (UTC)

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Raise your hand if your favorite softball team is ranked in the top-10! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ #HottyToddy #HYDR #WAOM #FinsUp (yes, I know this isn't a national poll, but who's gonna stop me from bragging?)
User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 17, 2018 7:19 PM (UTC)

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There is no doubt that AK is on thin ice. Heck, we just lost to Texas A&M, of all schools, days after winning against Florida. That said, any Ole Miss "fan" that WANTS him to be fired is absolutely in the wrong. After all, Coach Kennedy has NEVER had a losing record as Head Coach at Ole Miss.
What do you think should happen to AK?
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User Image ennopuspita_gekenno Posted: Jan 17, 2018 7:13 PM (UTC)

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Dear Future Husband,

I believe in vote. So no matter you are in the universe right now, we'll find each other in the right time, inshaa allah. I look forward to share the new chapter of love with you. In our path in this life reaching for Jannah. I want as to hold hands and do it together. Your queen looks forward to meet her king. One beautiful day, inshaa Allah. 🙏

Your Future Wife.
In shaa allah
It's cold, cold, cold, it's cold outside.
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User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 17, 2018 4:13 AM (UTC)

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Folks, #OleMiss is the least lucky team in the NCAA. The old saying goes, "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Ole Miss' sword is the three-point shot. When the Rebels are on, they could beat Duke, but when they are off, they could lose to Incarnate Word. I truthfully believe that if Andy Kennedy would encourage his players to drive in and take two more often, the Basketsharks would have multiple more wins under their belt. *ahem* Virginia Tech *ahem*

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User Image olemiss_landshark_news Posted: Jan 17, 2018 3:37 AM (UTC)

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Everyone’s favorite landshark Mike Hilton has been given a 1 year contract extension in an amount that has not been disclosed. I was always rooting for you @oh_thatsmike28 !!
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Balled out with some “Ole” friends this weekend 😉 #ucanationals #hydr 💙❤️
User Image themadmoxie Posted: Jan 17, 2018 2:01 AM (UTC)
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I painted ALL day today❄️ almost lost an eyeball because my paint squirted back into my face and into my eyeball... it did not feel good at all! So what did you do on your snow day? Comment below👍🏻
User Image olemisscfb Posted: Jan 17, 2018 1:03 AM (UTC)

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User Image basementrebs Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:54 PM (UTC)

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Ole Miss' Baseball rankings are all over the place. According to, the Rebs are the 9th best team in the country. According to RPI, the Rebels are the 37th best team in the nation. Many other polls, such as the Coaches, have the "DiamondSharks" (yes I just coined that term) unranked. Where do you think they are nationally?

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