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Our connection to the land IS our purpose. To give it our full attention and our deepest most loving intentions. The fall brings out our most purest spirit, consistently living in the present, embracing the wild as our home and the sun as our clock. Compassionately harvesting the especially abundant season of a thriving ecosystem. Today was valley quail opener, a day that we look forward to throughout the year, the day our pups would consider "christmas". Raina melted our hearts while working the field today, softly retrieving all 20 v-quail. We are so grateful to have had the oppurtunity to harvest this many quail because the past few years have been a little bleak. The first covey of the morning held 40+ quail, so we were able to relax and feel good about the hunt and truly enjoy the oppurtunity of getting rai on some serious birds. Once our vests were full and heavy, we grazed our way through the walnut trees so delightfully placed on BLM land. Blissed out on the hunt with my pack, and our bounty of a walnut harvest.
Eating well is a form of self respect, to eat consciously is to live consciously. To eat wild is rewild.
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Candle lighting in our cabin for the weekend. Hard to imagine living like this daily but cool to see how people used to live.
The beer is going down well after a big few weeks at work! Now just need the fish to bite! #laketaupo #kuratau #huntergatherer
Tarantula in the wild, getting a drink from a remote water hole where we were turkey hunting.

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