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Great news friends! NEW POST up on the blog today! Head on over for details on how you too can achieve the perfect fall hair and add a little pop of color to your daily do! 💁🏻 Trust me, you’re gonna want to check this out! 😘
My face after my workout tonight ⬆️ Usually I hate change, but this one is going to be great! Who else is with me?
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hi my name is brenn and my hobbies include baking + knitting + making soup. and based on that, there’s also the slightest possibility that I am actually a 75 year old abuelita trapped in the body of a much younger lady 👵🏽🍪 \\ full disclosure: went out and grabbed another green squashy pumpkin after this, bc it really just seemed like stage right was lacking. lane was not impressed 🙃

This dress by one of our faves #childrenofthetribe, I originally bought for Inca because it's actually a sleep suit made for babies. Well, this sleep suit has caused much controversy in our home because it's in Lola's favourite colours, pink and purple. And well, she wanted one but instead of settling with the fact that it didn't come in her size she took it upon herself to wear it as a dress and who am I too argue, the girls got style 🙌🏼.

i’m a rebel just for kicks, now. / had this stuck in my head since 1966 now? #rewrite
Phew! After traveling for a week with the fam, we’re finally home and I couldn’t be more excited! 🙌🏼 These boys were ready to get out of the car and they’ve been in full ninja mode burning off energy. I’m pretty sure we’re all crashing early tonight. 😴😴😴😴
Life has been so busy traveling and with our crazy schedule! I cannot believe Halloween is next week!! I’m still blown away at how quickly time passes. Rohen turned 2 this summer, Harper will be 5 in January and Finn will be 1 in January. 😭 I can’t believe it.
Now more than ever I’m realizing that I need to make time to spend these fleeting moments with my little’s and document this crazy season to remember when my sweet boys are grown. I love this adorable growth chart by @shopwhiteloft. I always loved the idea of these and I have no idea what took us so long to grab one and put it up. We’re so excited to have a place to see how they’re growing. It’s one more reminder of how blessed we are to have healthy babies. I’m so thankful for that and to be home with sweet family.
does anybody remember love's baby soft from 1906-pick-up-sticks? suffice it to say, it was my jam. well, times sure have changed. every day this little one begs for some of my face cream + oil. it's become a ritual for her too, apparently. luckily, i use super high quality, face food, so i only cringe a tiny bit when she slathers it on her open eyes + mouth. 😂 never too early for healthy skin...
sunshine is my favorite accessory ✨
with these three, we always bring the sunshine with us.
I hope she carries that contagious smile with her everywhere she goes. I hope she never loses her wonder and imagination. I hope she spreads her light to everyone she meets. My hopes are my prayers because this little girl is something special ❤️❤️
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Starting to think about that dinner prep ...

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