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crappy flow because I feel like poo but that's fine
Part two on @lunar.hoops
Ya lanzamos los nuevos imanes "hulahoop" disponible!
70$ la unidad o llevas 2x100 😍No esperes más llévate el tuyo
Cada dibujo es único ya que son originales.
Próximamente stickers 😘🤗
Entregamos sin cargo por caba 🚲
#cute #draw #drawing #magnets #tiny #aquarelles #hulahula #hulahoop #acuarelas #imanes
using this filter to hide the fact that my zipper was down during my entire flow sesh 🙄
🕸👍 wow 💯💥 creds: @nosleeptilbrookelynn 🗣 Feeling extremely content today and I hope you guys are too! This weather is definitely adding to the 👌🏽 of the day 🍂🌻🍁😎

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flow_ho 19m ago
I am forever trying to discover new doubles patterns. Tag your fav doubles hoopers below⬇️⬇️⬇️. Feat Hoops: 25" 5/8 UV Yellow Polypros by @thespinsterz click the link in my bio or use code flow_ho for a discount on rings and things!!
I'm bringing back another class on double hoops next Thursday (that's in 8 days)!
We'll cover moves of all levels of difficulty, including ochos, atomic isos, wraps, on-body hooping transitions, and the infamous fountain! You'll start fun and dancey, then connect all the moves together with the tricky stuff 😉
Join us at 6:15pm (10/26) @jaggedvdf
💜FYI, Every Thursday night, Jagged hosts different classes with the gals of @gogohoopdancestars! Message me if you have any questions 😊
"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw

Top: @spinztress
Belt: @calypsocreations

Sorry for the lack of updating. I moved homes two weeks ago. Then I went to the er two days ago to find out I have a fibroid tumor in the upper cavity of my uterus. I have a scheduled surgery appt in February to have my appendix and any infected endometriosis tissue cut out with a CO2 laser. While I was having my consultation. I was explained to, by my new OBGYN, that there could be infected tissue inside my actual uterine walls. He said we wouldn't find out till I went though my first surgery to see if I'm still in pain. This tumor explains that I do have infected tissue there, and I might have just dodged going under twice. I will continue posting but I probably won't be updating with any new content.

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