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can you believe they invented endgame??
but like actually tho they’re the real endgame. gosh i miss this show😭
another house of anubis edit sue me🤷🏼‍♀️
my audio!!(:
So like I'm back???? GreenHouse Academy is honestly a really good show recommend 10/10 only one season tho but it joined Netflix last month so give it time. But it's plot of a boarding school with a secret reminded me of House of Anubis which is also a great show 10/10 go watch but idk where to, been hunting it down for about a year now. Anyways House of Anubis will always be better 😤😤😤😤 Still enjoy Greenhouse Academy tho 😤😤😤😤Real Nibbas know what Sibuna means 😤😤😤😤😤
ladies and gentlemen, my first ever otp!!
show: house of Anubis
ac: skyfullofedits
i literally miss this show so much i used to stan the hell out of it
i love jerome so much, especially in season 3 bc his character development was on point👌🏻
acc: me
song: how did I get here?
artist: odesza

#HouseOfAnubis #HOA #Sibuna #EugeneSimon #JeromeClarke #videoedit
@eugenesnaps 😇❤️
So these are my main fandoms yes I may post other shows and such but I will mostly be posting hoa, ouat, gmw, bmw, merlin and I am Frankie.
I hope you enjoy this account.
{happy birthday queen!} I honestly love her sm bye! -
Vc: @karascoven
{ Bellarke, Crack edit}
Opinions on this?? I suck at these and this isn't even funny but I needed to post.

Also this doesn't match the other ones and smh.
{Aria Montgomery, PLL}

Aria will always be my fave liar 🤷🏻‍♀️
Cr: @txmptxtions
{Stalia, Teen wolf}

I will go down with this ship ty bye.
VC: idk who this belongs to but cred to you.

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