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We'll NEVER forget ... the #HoulaMassacre committed by Assad's Shabiha (thugs) on May 25, 2012, 5 years ago.

The Houla massacre was an attack that took place in the town of Taldou, in the Houla Region of Syria, a string of towns northwest of Homs.
According to the United Nations, 108 people were killed, including 34 women and 49 children!!! Most of the massacre's victims had been "summarily executed in two separate incidents". UN investigators reported that witnesses and survivors stated that the massacre was committed by pro-government Shabiha.
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This is not movie or make up
This is reality 😭
Massacre in houla
Stop killing syria children 💔💔💔💔
#syriachildren #children #massacre #houla #houlamassacre
t’s easy to blame such heinous atrocities on Bashar al-Assad because the West and Gulf nations have tainted his true image and painted a fake one instead. The Syrian government is being successful against this proxy revolution that was fabricated by the West. The “rebels” are in dire need of help, even if America is sending them heavy artillery, it just isn’t enough. The only way the West can rightfully intervene in Syria is if Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons. The Houla Massacre was the first chemical attack in Syria that received high amount of publicity. BBC published a photo on their website that showed the corpses of over one hundred dead children and said this was a photo taken from the Houla Massacre. Shortly after the photo was published, the photographer of the photo notified BBC that the photo was originally taken in Iraq and was not taken in Syria. That image was not the only propaganda that was being spread, fortunately BBC took the photo down from the site but sadly it was already heavily circulated. During the alleged Houla Massacres, countless images of martyred Palestinian and Iraqi civilians were shown as Syrians martyrs and with those images they were easily able to brainwash us. Many will not question the true source of the images that are being spread. Once they see an image of a dead child from Syria, it is automatically from Syria and nowhere else. Many don’t take the time to actually research the topic and are easily given in to the lies that they are being fed. Source:
I'm gonna tag this so all those dumb Assad supporters can fight with me and let's see if we can actually get SOME knowledge in there empty heads !!
سوريا تستغيث .. الآن حملة تبرعات على قناة الوطن
عم تبكي حمص تقول ولادي ، قتلوكم والله هالاعادي يا شباب حيّ على الجهادِ ،، طاب الموت يا شهدا استنوني ،، ودوني لحمص ودوني 
حمص يا بشر =( ،،يالله مالهم غيرك يالله
يما ان وافتني المنيه، خلي قلبك لي سامح، لا تبكي يما عليّه، ع الجنه يا يما رآيح. ( ابو مالك الله يحميك)
الله يحمي حمص و سوريا كلها 
Join us today, as we choose not to be indifferent, but the difference. Learn more on how you can act now at #Syria #HoulaMassacre
خافوا الله ياعرب !!
Children in Syria (few years ago)