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“Online gangstas, I’m giving them screen shots”
These are those WHYYY moments!
WHY can’t I move these car for a better shot? 😜
WHY didn’t I take a solo shot of the character to right of #SPOKE ? 🙄
WHY didn’t I brighten a few of these pics better?
WHY the questions about why I take so many graff shots lately and not more of my other styles?
WHY are some ppl who don’t know a thing about me ready to tell me who I am and what I’m doing? Let me find out I’m imprtant on your radar. 😉 Step back and let’s keep it moving! 👋 ... credits still coming... Writers/Artists:
@hecccruz #spokept
@ #dirtywallz #paceswk #sebo #jrc
@nueva_york_bklyn #taboo #nuevayork
@lionel_tenz #tenz
@18ism #host18 #host18dym #shots
18ism 2w ago
⛔ 30 minute jump-offs ⛔
18ism 3w ago
✳️ Reunion quickies with @tomrocs ✳️