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User Image doit4edm Posted: Feb 20, 2018 12:29 AM (UTC)

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Got to film for @tritonal during @sevenlionsmusic Horizon tour🎥🔥
User Image simshows Posted: Feb 16, 2018 12:52 AM (UTC)
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#tbt to Horizon Tour and Above & Beyond at the @armorymn @steveaoki on the 24th for the next big show at the Armory! It's gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
User Image morganboston_ Posted: Feb 15, 2018 2:02 PM (UTC)
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Since they just released this song, here’s a #tbt when @killthenoise performed it back in November. 🤤 #dontgiveuponme @illeniummusic #horizontour #illenium #killthenoise #edm
User Image chugsquintydub Posted: Feb 15, 2018 4:06 AM (UTC)
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In honour of @tritonal returning to Calgary🇨🇦 in June! ❤️ #tritonians #horizontour
That excited feeling you get knowing you're bringing buddies @killthenoise and @jasonrossofficial to help kick off your first Chapter of Chronicles in Seattle🤘🏻
User Image jenniferbriones Posted: Feb 8, 2018 11:59 PM (UTC)
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This is what i live for, concerts are my home // #horizontour #sevenlionsmusic
User Image dom3music Posted: Feb 8, 2018 3:48 AM (UTC)

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Still jamming out to the #horizontour @sevenlionsmusic and @killthenoise put on an amazing show! Being there for this song was a beautiful combination of some of my favorite artists.
User Image gjehs09 Posted: Feb 8, 2018 3:47 AM (UTC)

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User Image _jannp Posted: Feb 7, 2018 7:34 AM (UTC)

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_jannp 2w ago
Take me back to the Horizon Tour 😩. Favorite rave I’ve ever been to. Best part was hearing Vincent sing every song 😂. #horizontour #sevenlions #tritonal
User Image doit4edm Posted: Feb 6, 2018 7:28 PM (UTC)

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Dropping the @tritonal recap tonight! Congrats on playing @springawakefest this year!
User Image theonethatisme Posted: Feb 1, 2018 4:19 AM (UTC)

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That one time I went to see @sevenlionsmusic in Kansas City. Epic production and loved his set! 🔥 #seven lions #horizontour
A picture of me taking a picture of @trivectamusic during the #HorizonTour. It's like Inception, but with pictures. #artistmanager #musicindustry

📸 @kate_scott_photography
I enjoy finding epic new music thanks @winstontmc for posting #winston @codeorangetoth if you enjoy metal, you will really love this, it will make your ears bleed, but if you like sunshine and lollipops, and looking at life through rose coloured glasses - then its probably not for you. #metalhead #metal #codeorange #rip #snapyournecktothis #metalcore #tinman #menshealth #menswear #blackdog #bites #iloveangrymusic #parkwaydrive #horizontour #melbourne

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