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So I haven't put the wicks on yet but I have had a play around with them to the grip.. gotta feeling I'm gonna love em 😍
Definitely @lucyvanb ✨🎆🌈💞@Regranned from @suzystiedanddyed - #Repost @oolahula (@get_repost)
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😭I'm crying I'm so fucking thankful, so fucking thankful for this!!! ☯️
Day 3 of #13daysofhalloween !! The black swan 🖤 I love this tutu but I don't know that i'll wear it much after this, so if anyone is interested in it I'll let it go for $15 and shipping! Just shoot me a message 😊
I am SO PROUD of this girl right here! We nailed our Stray Cat Strut hoop routine tonight 😻 She’s been my student for about two months and the progress she’s made is unreal! Video coming soon :) #PurrfectPair #hooplove #spinfx
Here's another shot of last night's extraterrestrial look for day 2 of #13daysofhalloween 👽 last night was a BLAST!! This look was inspired by the diamond patch pinned to my chest- gifted to me by the stunning and talented @daraquick ! I had a hell of a lot of fun with this eyeball makeup as well. I'll be posting day 3 shortly!
First time ever stepping foot into this club, and I definitely didn’t know they had an upstairs! Or that this was a flow toy friendly event, so thank you to the beautiful hooping community for reuniting me with old hoop buddies and being blessed enough to have homies that will let me use their toys when I don’t have my own ❤️ lil hooplah from last night!

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