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#selfie in the line to #vote #hoodievote 30 minutes in line still outside so far be patient should have packed a snack
Election Season and I still rep #HoodieVote s/o @joelfrominwood and @kirin_rosemary .... And I can't forget this Pumpkin Spiced Latte
Go Follow @trayvonxinjustice to learn how to protest peacefully via and get your hands on one of these #trayvonxinjustice tees

Tanks Tops and Hoodies are forthcoming. Stay Tuned!
I wear this #hoodie proudly and with #humility. Humility to have organized with amazing organizers #votemob #hoodievote but also with the humility of #trayvon #martin and his spirit and others like him who have fallen. Note the #necklace, it was a gift from my #grandmother to my #mother and simply says #courage
They are at it again! Someone get these @dreamdefenders some justice! #twofer
Trying out the new #Nexus camera...wearing the #HoodieVote hoodie inside cause it's cold.
A year later, we still remember Trayvon. #HoodiesUp today as we continue to pursue justice. Your vote, your voice, your presence is powerful beyond measure. Elections are not 4 year events, they are every year and we must make a decision to be continuously and proactively involved to make sure our rights are exercised and there are no more voted in laws like the one being used as a defense for a senseless deadly act. #hoodievote #TrayvonMartin #empower #instagood #inspiration
Got the #hoodievote hoodie on. Gotta represent #votemob when I #vote. Are YOU gonna #vote? #votemob
I want to take this moment to bring attention to the significance of today. Today's date marks what would have been the 18th birthday of Trayvon Martin. Last year, we were hoodies in solidarity to show our support of the Martin family as well as express our need for justice and then we went to Sanford and marched as we stood up to the Sanford "powers that be" demanding that justice. During the election cycle we created Hoodie vote and encouraged all who wore hoodies in solidarity to wear their hoodies to the polls where it counted. Today we remember a young man who would have just come of age to vote for himself. I ask that we continue to speak up and out for not only Trayvon but for each other. Lets be engaged and involved. Let us inspire and empower others to take control of their future. Let us BE the change! #changeagents #themovement #TrayvonMartin #hoodievote #soladarity #justice
Happy 105th anniversary to the lovely, poised and eternally exquisite ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I got a lot of love for y'all, no lie. #OneTime for my alma mater's own Mu Xi, they hold me down consistently. I appreciate y'all getting on board with my vision and seeing it through. More to come and you'll always be included! #J15 #DiamondsAndPearls #YOSkee #AKA #hoodievote #MuXi 👌💁👑💎