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User Image tylerjohnwaterman Posted: Sep 17, 2017 9:36 PM (UTC)
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Making hot sauce today with homegrown peppers, we @laughingmotherfarm grow Vallecito wax, mild jalepeno, Thai hot, Cajun bell, along with some sweet peppers to balance the flavor. @natalieweinberg #hotsauce #homegrownhotsauce #peppersforever #laughingmotherfarm #organicfarming
ITS HERE! The 2018 edition of my slap-yo-mamma-in-the-face hot sauce. Its a delicious Caribbean style blend of home-grown smoked hybrid cayenne and habanero chiles in a mustard and fruit base. First you get the fruitiness, then the mustardness, and then the smokey heatness hits ya! Enjoyable by all who can handle a little spice and dilutable for weak palates! 250 ml bottles are 15$ and I have ONE special edition 850ml XXXHot skull shaped bottle at 60$. An amazing gift for the hot sauce fanatic in your life!! Get you some 'fore its gone!!! #hotsauce #homegrownhotsauce #hotones
User Image thebuddingoven Posted: Jul 2, 2017 5:40 PM (UTC)
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What are you throwin on those coals this weekend?! Don't forget to sweeten the bbq with our #homegrownhotsauce 🌶🌶🌶🌶 #bbqseason #allhomemadeallthetime
User Image pratt_family_homestead Posted: Feb 3, 2017 3:45 PM (UTC)
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The kids love the hot sauce that originally comes in the bottle. But we had an empty one and I put my homemade hot sauce in it. The kids DON'T want this one LOL! Hot hot hot! So I got some of my daughters kitties duct tape and marked it lol. Hopefully they don't think in reverse of me and assume this is thier! They would be mad at dad LOL! #homestead #hotsauce #homemadehotsauce #homegrownhotsauce
User Image grantbrothersgardens Posted: Dec 26, 2016 9:33 PM (UTC)
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This shit is no joke!!! Came out so incredibly good!
I was actually interested in some info on selling hot sauces, grow-jar-sell, all natural no preservatives! If anyone has info please let me know! #shockedmyself#hotsauce#homemade #chilis#cayennepeppers#homegrownhotsauce#organicallygrown#local
User Image delriofarmer Posted: Dec 11, 2016 11:27 PM (UTC)
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Finished product micro batch roasted hot sauce.
Tis the season to make hot sauce! I'll try not to pepper spay myself this time. Oh yeah and @ballastpointbrewing is sold in TN now! #craftbeer #homegrownhotsauce #peachhabanero #iliketogrowthings
User Image ecoastides Posted: Jan 28, 2016 1:40 AM (UTC)
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When you're just trying to go upstairs to get some @homegrownhotsauce you see a casual fire.'s a sign. ...firesauce
User Image ecoastides Posted: Jan 18, 2016 3:20 AM (UTC)
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When all you have is #homegrownhotsauce ... YOU don't need food... people bring food to you...tested and approved by the people of #elsalvador