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@familyjulzz wouldn't have taken this beautiful pic of today's Monday Madness #wines unless he expected you to come to V to drink them! Enjoy special Monday pricing on all open bottles, and pair it with a delicious #cheese plate too! #wine #westhollywood #weho #visitweho #visitwesthollywood #travel #tourism #food #foodie #losangeles #hollywood
I'm starting to actually get excited about this show, you guys. Come see me perform! ❤️Repost @wickedwickedwoman
Look who's joining us on stage! IRIS SPARROW! She will be twirling around the pole for our newest show, Wicked Woman Picture Show: SCREAM on Monday 10/23 at El Cid so grab your tickets at!
Iris Sparrow has always been fascinated with movement, but she was one of those awkward, clumsy kids who idolized dancers and never, ever thought she could become one. But in 2009, Iris discovered pole, and her people. She began teaching two years later, and had clearly found her passion.
When the pole exotic craze arrived, Iris was swept up in the fervor. It became her mission to figure out this floor humping, hair flipping, leg twirling insanity, and learn how to teach it to everyone - not just former rhythmic gymnasts and people with spines made of rubber. She specializes in a style of modern exotic focused on slinky fluidity, unexpected accents and beautiful, endlessly shifting shapes.
Iris is an instructor at The Vertitude in Canoga Park, CA. She has performed with Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soirée, True Focus Theater and various studio showcases. She is XPERT trained for pole instruction and also coaches students for competition.

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Ever had a whiff of the stench from a garbage bin filled with rotting trash, or the mustiness of mold and mildew? Then you may have some idea of the unpleasantness and the health risks they pose.

If only getting rid of the foul odors is as easy as smelling them. Often, it’s not a matter of just giving the space a thorough cleaning and airing; sometimes extra measures need to be taken. And this is where the hydroxyl generator comes in.

The hydroxyl generator produces hydroxyl molecules that neutralize odor-causing molecules by destroying their chemical compositions. This machine is used to produce the hydroxyls that will destroy and eliminate odor-causing molecules cause by viruses, bacteria, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in ordinary, everyday consumer products—cleaning solutions, gasoline, air fresheners, and more.

¿Alguna vez has sentido el olor de un cubo de basura lleno de basura podrida, o el moho y la humedad? Entonces tienes idea de lo desagradable que es y los riesgos para la salud que representan los malos olores.
Si deshacerse de ellos fuera tan fácil como olerlos. A menudo, no es una cuestión de limpiar a fondo y ventilar; A veces se deben tomar medidas adicionales. Y aquí es donde entra el generador de hidroxilo.

El generador de hidroxilo produce moléculas de hidroxilo que neutralizan las moléculas que causan olores destruyendo sus composiciones químicas. Esta máquina se utiliza para producir los hidroxilos que destruyen y eliminan las moléculas causantes de olores ocasionados por virus, bacterias, moho y compuestos orgánicos volátiles que se encuentran en productos ordinarios de consumo diario, soluciones de limpieza, gasolina, ambientadores y más.

We are here for you!
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Christmas in October! Verizon commercial shoot happening at the #GlendaleGalleria! A common scene in LA!
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