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User Image gardenyogamom Posted: Nov 21, 2017 10:40 PM (UTC)
3 Inkwell
Day 3 of #gratefallyogis today's pose is #candycanepose today I am sooooo GRATEFUL that schools back on and the Ontario college strike is FINALLY OVER! 😆Back to school and learning to plumb at long last!❤️😁To play please repost this flyer, follow and tag all hosts and sponsors, and tag three or more grateful yogis to join!

Grateful hosts:

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@dropofmindfulness #dropofmindfulness
@sleehcom #sleeh

List of daily heartopeners and everyday mention something that you are grateful for!
Day 1 🍂 Standing backbend
Day 2 🍃 Fish
Day 3 🍁 Sugar cane
Day 4 🌾Sphinx
Day 5 🌿 Low lunge-backbend
Day 6 🍂 Tiger pose
Day 7 🍃 Dancer
Day 8 🍁 Pigeon heart opener
Day 9 🌾 Wheel or bridge
Day 10 🌿 Hollowback or Inversion of choice #yogachallenge #gratitudechallenge #yogatime #ontariocollegestrike #itsover #sograteful #backtoschool #sohappy #learningtime #hittingthebooks #womenintrades #plumbingmama #frickyeah
User Image lovelylady_aa Posted: Nov 21, 2017 12:31 AM (UTC)
5 Ludwig
Going to school is not easy when you work full time and are trying to build a business, but not easy doesn't mean impossible. I'm frustrated a lot as I try to keep up with it all, but I just keep reminding myself that 1) I can do this, 2) I'm almost done and 3) I've come too far to quit now. This too shall pass, but until then I'll just keep at it.
User Image chrissy_stamm Posted: Nov 20, 2017 10:39 AM (UTC)
2 Normal
Let the studies begin! 🤓 My first UX Problem Statement DONE! 🖥✏️📋 #uxdesign #userexperience #ux #problemstatement #study #hittingthebooks #generalassembly #melbourne
User Image abigailsanchez29 Posted: Nov 20, 2017 1:57 AM (UTC)
6 Sierra
User Image martha_a_rios Posted: Nov 19, 2017 5:41 AM (UTC)
16 Normal
Finally gonna do something I’ve always wanted to do & that’s work in death Industry Funeral service profession to be exact I’ve always been fascinated by death and everything about it. Since my dads passing I’ve gotten obsessed with the whole Funeral business industry as crazy as that sounds and now I’m taking a big step on making this a reality. 💀 #hittingthebooks once again #funeralservice #deathindustry #funeraladministration #funeralflow #excited #cantwait #death #mortuaryscience #mortuaryschool #makingadreamcometrue #morticianinthemaking #morticianlife #mortician #enrollment #excited #makeareality
User Image wellnesswithmary Posted: Nov 19, 2017 4:15 AM (UTC)
60 Normal
So I never ever thought I’d do a post like this but lots of new faces/ questions so here it is✨✨✨
First photo was in 2015 (prior SIBO) I was about 165 pounds, ate whatever I wanted (obviously) didn’t care much about my health and drank a lot, didn’t sleep much and lived off Red Bull and sugary filled processed foods. I was very self conscious that time as I really couldn’t find a photo of me that wasn’t cropped. .
Middle photo was early, January 2017. Crazy how times can change... after being diagnosed with SIBO and symptoms starting in May of 2016 due to untreated food poisoning I quickly dropped to a frail 100 pounds and had a huge fear of food also was given repetitive treatments on antibiotics by doctors giving me the runaround & ending up being referred to Johns Hopkins, who then gave me 11 ROUNDS of Xifaxan ... which was such a pity bandaid solution to my problem. Everything I ate was out of fear and only was limited to about 5 “safe foods” a day. At this point very low mentally & felt hopeless. THEN fast forward to.... .
More recently to the right, October 2017, I’ve seen a huge transformation in my body, mind and spirit. I’ve first and foremost found the perfect Naturopath for me @digestive_detective who has not only guided me to transform my diet, but transformed my life. I’ve gotten to a healthy weight, my energy is back and reduced inflammation so I absorb all my nutrients again 💪🏼❤️My diet has never had so much variety in my entire life. My attitude on this disease is different, I used to feel I feel empowered to beat it and help others someday. I used to look in the mirror and see my jeans fall off & feel so down and just pity myself for not being able to eat without getting sick and NOW I’ve been eating 3 colorful meals a day, lifting, running, working overtime - trucking through life full force. I used to think to myself how I want my old life back and now I think of how much I’ve transformed, I wouldn’t have changed this struggle / obstacle for anything. It has taught me so much about life and healing. 2018 I’M SO FREAKING READY FOR YOU 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #biggerthingstocome #hittingthebooks #healyourself #thenhealothers👩🏼‍🍳
Hippo pride extends to all ages 🤙. Officially the unofficial mascot of GWU, Hippo has captured Emily’s 💙. #futurecolonial
------------------------------------------------------------------#collegedropouttophd #myphdjourney #bestkidever #georgewashingtonuniversity #gwu #longestultraever #hittingthebooks #studytime #ilovemyschool #mycampus #studentlife #getoutanddoshit #dontdieonthecouch #PictureGW
User Image rockodaboat Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:30 PM (UTC)
1 Clarendon
putting that BOAT brain to work today!!! 🧠🧠🤓👩🏽‍💻#cantstopdaboat #lawclerk #attorneyinthemaking #hittingthebooks
User Image slim3bon3 Posted: Nov 17, 2017 4:49 PM (UTC)
1 Normal

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