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Had so much fun watching The Petty Breakers last night!! And it’s official, I do have the “cool parents”. Random people were buying them shots and telling me how lucky I am 🙄😘 Also glad to be rocking out with Mer and Kathie again ❤️✌🏼 #HippiesUnite
I am really tired. Mentally exhausted and physically sore and stiff. I am starting to feel like the old man I see in the pictures I share.
Life has been harder than it should be because I don't want to quit or give in. I'm still the young man who is excessively passionate about the issues I found life changing, world shaking, and heart braking. Living as if nothing could stop me from my self destruction and obvious delusional perceptions of my part in the protection of mankind and Mother Earth as a whole.
I had often known that I am immortal and possessed the abilities of telekinesis and environmental control of weather and wind. Honestly I don't know how I am still able to be mostly in a reality I despise and the dreams of a 9 year old child who is finally, at the age of 50 I am realizing that fantasize dream as a reference for how businesses will be operated and planned around the idea that employees are the important part of success. Part ownership and paid the earned amount of pay.. Now we are here at the moment of static→spark. I'm not the kid who was not going to give you a tear when whipped. Or a little attention towards the ones I love. I have learned to listen to the vibration I see and feel from all that exists. Not with the eyes and ears and hands I have known for a lifetime. But with the sensation I have within my own essence of being.
I am helping those who are in need of assistance I probably understand. I am not sure how I got much of the knowledge I understood instinctively and the ability to get others to come to a comprehensive Understanding and opinion. I don't know if I am really able to do these things but I am sure that I must be because I keep getting de ja Vu and meeting new people I seem to know but can't remember. I really hope that I am not totally batty. I am quite content with my happy place in which I live with the existing perceptions of my reality.
Love it when I get to put it back to the universe and a close friend.

User Image rhubarb_riesling Posted: Nov 10, 2017 3:31 AM (UTC)
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This Saturday I shall be riding the peace train with Cat Stevens, a life-long dream come true. .
@strandveldvineyards The Navigator (blend of Shiraz, Mourvedre, Grenache Noir and Viognier) is just as smooth as Cat's voice, and last night these two went down a real treat. Full write-up about this gorgeous wine to follow. Watch this space. .
User Image roilyogis Posted: Nov 8, 2017 1:19 PM (UTC)
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If you've ever been in a yoga class where the final moments involve lavender then we don't even NEED a description for this tank. You already get it.

What's so magical about lavender? Lavender is a natural sedative but it also is regenerative. It promotes health, love, peace and a general sense of wellbeing. It is a great oil to use to help connect us with our 4th chakra #anahata: the heart chakra. •

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#RESIST the Drug War and the Opiate Epidemic. Cannabis products are not going to disappear . I invite you to visit our social media group on FacelessBook, #HippiesUnite