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New views of the high top. This summer has zoomed by so quick that we didn't create a lot of time for ourselves to take the van out on very many camping trips. We've just been working our asses off to conjure up funds to finish the van build. Photos of the interior are soon to come!
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So I bought this here van in Montana hoping to go to Oregon and follow seasonal farm work. I've met a lot of #vanlifers along the way. The people I met living in #vans did not have swanky setups or fancy rigs (I don't either). Most people were older and found this to be a cheaper way of life. I met a lot of people living in cars wishing they could be living a #vanlife. I met a family two adults and two kids, a dog and a cat living in a blazer; caravaning with other #vanlifers so they could camp at the nice campgrounds with showers. They were some of the happiest people I have ever met! A very inspirational family!💖I'll start putting up some story's of the #realvanlifers Ive met along my so far two month journey. I traveled the coast selling my art for two months in my van did real good but I have a few leaks to fix which is very very common in these #hightopvans. I moved into a fith wheel down in the dessert for the winter. Such a wonderful #tinyhouse! This will give me the opportunity to work full time and be able to work on my van and make more art as well. That's my opening speak and from here on out I'll keep speaking the truth and sharing fun stories from #lifeontheroad with #real #vanlifeideas 💖
I think we sold two sets of roof racks just sitting at the beach. Anyone with an older dodge that has a high top wants to know where to get the racks.
We tried to work a deal with them to get a coupon code we could give people in exchange for a kickback, but no dice. I always wondered how people get their foot in the door with advertisers. I think these days, the number of followers you have, sometimes outweighs hard work, motivation and experience.
Well still plug them when people ask because I know how hard they are to find.
I want to represent the artist, entrepreneurs, musicians, barbers, small business owners! Those who don't follow the Status quo or conform. The strong and rare group of free thinkers and creative minds. Special commission from @gorilla_fadz thanks for ur service to this country! Hope you enjoy your Army camo @vans

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