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Old-Fashioned series is over, but this is too good not to take note. 😋🥃 #yum #hic @villanellenyc
Gidenin Geri Gelmedigi Dunyada Onlari Sadece Kalbimizde Ve Anilarimizda Yasatabiliyoruz.
Sonra gozden ırak gonle yakin Oluyorlar
Bir Kitapta Okumustum Guzel Insanlar yildizlara Gocuyormus irmaklari Olan yildizlara #Hic #Bir #Zaman #Unutulan #Olma 🔥🔥
Card of the Day • 9 of STONES⠀

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Ponder ...⠀
• What do I have control over that I can focus on doing & accomplishing today ?⠀
• How can I create a space that offers respite, refuge, retreat, from the chaos of the outside world ?⠀
• How can I create order & structure out of clutter & chaos ?⠀

Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn⠀

Complaining about what someone has planted or how someone tends their garden doesn’t do anything to help our own garden grow & thrive.⠀

Let’s focus on what we have control over & attune to how we want our world to look & what we can do to create that world in our own image by recognising & honouring the boundaries, structure & limits of what we have, what we can do, and making the most of those. Not by intruding into the space of others, or demanding something from them that we think we are entitled to.⠀

There can be great pleasure from order, especially amidst the chaos of our times.⠀

We may not be able to do anything about the chaos & turbulence taking place in the outside world. Create an oasis, a retreat, a space ordered & uncluttered where you can take refuge from that chaos … and then be willing to welcome others into that space so that, together, we can catch our breath, support, encourage, assist in whatever way we can. What, to us, may seem a small gesture or offer may loom large in someone else’s life in this moment.⠀

Make time for something ordered, expected, routine in your day, and in the days that follow.⠀

Stopping for tea at a certain time of day; a small routine for when you wake to gently enter into the day; a moment to pause, reflect & finish the day in a mental state of calm & serenity.⠀

Just the act of making the bed, folding & putting clothes away rather than cluttered about the floor, cleaning the dishes in the morning so you come home to an ordered, uncluttered, calm living space can do wonders.⠀

Image : Light Grey Tarot⠀

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