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Hi friends! 👋🏼 This Instagram has grown so much over the last year and I thought some new faces might be curious about WHO I am.. so here are 5 random facts about me, Julia Starr.
I grew up in a small mining town in northern Minnesota called Hibbing (also the hometown of @bobdylan).
In second grade my mom homeschooled my brother and me and we drove around the country for three months in our station wagon learning about Native American culture and history. ⭐️
My favorite food growing up was red jello with whipped cream that they served out of a little fridge at my town's KMart (which my dad would buy for me) 💁🏼
I was a @GirlScouts for 12 years and earned the Gold Award for putting on a career and leadership seminar. ⭐️
I've always loved planning and had envelopes labeled with different "accounts" for my allowance money from the time I could write 😂.
Now it's your turn! What's something about yourself that few people know? That is totally random? That shaped you to be who you are today?? Comment below! 💖⬇️
Sound check in at the #greatnorthernradioshow in #Hibbing with @fernlakelove @divewire and Doug. Tune in to for a live stream at 5pm Minnesota time. You’ll get to hear my shot sick voice on radio lol🤧😷
#ifyouknowme then u know i love #cemetery photos... well I found a #crypt... this was in #hibbing at a small little cemetery. And it has an actual story and following. So here's what I know, this is a family crypt. The first to be put in here i believe was his daughter. She's in the basement playing a piano. No casket or anything. And he would change her clothes until her body became to fragile to change them. (After she died) he also has another daughter I believe in a glass casket in here as well, along with an ex wife and himself. There's a lot of different stories online so correct me if I'm wrong with any of these details. And feel free to share some facts of your own. #mystery #talesfromthecrypt #hibbing #interesting #history #tellmemore #minnesota #exploreminnesota #roadtrip
Alongside the tears shed today remembering Uncle Max was joy. I love my sons and goddaughter and family. #Blessed. #RIPCaroldMaxDeJarlais #Hibbing #MN #Love @joepiebb
The Insane Prodigy Comes To Hibbing Minnesota To Debut For Wrestling Gone Wild Tonight Shits About To Get Psychotically Wild In Hibbing Minnesota See You There 🍭🌴🔥
Hello from the Arts Midwest tour! 🇺🇸🍁 We’re spending this week in Chisholm area and having a great time! #artsmidwest #folkefest #chisholm #hibbing #fall #kardemimmit #samulivolanto

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