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Collectively, I spent more time away from my love and our daughters this weekend than I ever have, ever. It was actually the very first time I have ever been away from my husband while he stayed home with our daughters. Y'all knew about my anxiety and I asked for prayer and I just know that someone out there prayed for me because guess what was spoken over me today?! It was actually the LAST thing that I expected anyone at @womanconference to even speak about because you know how we all like to pretend sometimes that these things don't exist. Yes. I mean it's ridiculous to think that Mercy and Darlene came all the way to Little Rock to help me deal with my struggle with anxiety, but they did, I'm certain of it. I longed for my husband and our babies but I kept hearing from the Lord that actually, this intimate time is meant to be experienced with my tribe of women. Because of them, because of what God is doing in our lives, together they help me become a better wife, better mother, and better spiritual leader of my home. I was refreshed and renewed with my sisters and then came home to the ICU man flu unit in the house hahaha and 2 out of 3 babies with fever and let me tell you, I have never been happier to snuggle my sick loves than I am at this very moment. I am basking in His goodness. I believe and will continue to believe in Love for as long as I live. #womanconf #victoryisours #staystrong #heylovelies
Ready for @womanconference!! So many first times happening for me right now! Thank you so much to Taylor from @eleighsboutique for helping me pick out my entire outfit! Thank you to @jessica.carder for making me feel absolutely fabulous with my new hair! Ok ok ok Madina, this isn't the Academy awards 😂😂 I'm just so excited right now, we are just SO blessed to be women y'all! #womanconf #victoryisours #staystrong #heylovelies
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#platedbysangee #cookingwithlove #heylovelies #mademamaproud
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain #lifehastaughtme #heylovelies
All these snap filters I almost forgot how to smile for the camera 😅☺️ #heylovelies
Good morning beautiful people!😘

Go out and be unapologetically you! #happysaturday
Don't Kill yourself because you wanna look Expensive, some guys don't even know the difference between Brazillian hair and Darling Yaki......#BeUrself #Fact #HeyLovelies #Cheers2AnodaSuccessfulDae
I know it's late but wanted to share today's #OOTD .....this FAB jumpsuit that I had for years now finally fits me properly (lost about 25lbs)!! Don't you love a fab Thrifted piece?? #FaceBehindDivaxpress #HappySunday #HeyLovelies
alhamdulillah... 1st batch mylea freckles serum sold out dalam 2 hari je.. thank you lovelies for trying the serum.. tazabar nak tengok skin transformations lovelies semua.. #myleaserumganu

nak cantik, contact me : 0129685177 mulan 😘

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