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It's still Oct.11 in other parts of the world,so I can still post this. 😊 "Since 2012, 11 October has been marked as the International Day of the Girl. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights."(from

As a mom,my hope is to raise smart,creative and compassionate girls who will help change the world in their own special way. #dayofthegirl #IDG
I'm always looking for a good bargain,sale,even freebies.

We were able to get these personalized books from Huggies for FREE (just paid NZD 4.95 each for shipping) by buying jumbo boxes of diapers and a few packs of wipes for the girls. Simple joys.
This weekend,Patty got her first taste of solid food (rice porridge with milk). Daddy did the feeding,while Ate Katie was wondering why someone else was in her high chair.
Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings! We had cake with daycare friends,dinner,blew the candle and opened gifts. ❤☺
Shout out to Katie. We send our congrats out to your 2 apparently massive achievements.
#whoskatie #congrats #thethingsyoufind #heykatie #haha
Once color/paint is introduced to your kid,you have to embrace the mess.
But seriously,how do I remove these?Water is not working.
Just the three of us this Wednesday. Went to Welly Hospital to get Patty checked for hip dysplasia.
Doctor said she has some stiffness,but looks pretty normal. We go back for another check in December.
We started Katie on daycare twice a week,then it became four times just right before Patty came. Wednesday was her day to stay home with us, but this is the last one.Next week,she'll be out of the house Mon-Fri.

Much as I want to,I just could not keep up with her energy on top of taking care of a baby. And I know she needs/wants interaction with other kids instead of staying home watching TV all day and playing alone with only half my attention.
I guess there will be more "last" things as they grow up,right?
7 dozen wedding cupcake favors. This was a special cupcake order because I've known the bride and her family for my ENTIRE life ❤️🎂👰🏼🤵#congratulations #wedding #cupcakes #heykatie #heykatiecupcakesandmore
It used to be that my hair was blow dried,my face made up five times a week. These days, my hair is almost always tied back (and no treatment or color for more than a year now) and I put makeup only on weekends (if we go out). I DO have two beautiful girls though--this one just woke up from naptime and doesn't mind my look at all.