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Tomorrow Jack will have surgery to remove the hardware that has held his left foot together. Praying this is it. One bad landing on a back flip and 8 months of paying for it.. now six more weeks in a boot. #neverdothatagain #hesatrooper
Throwback to my booskie first digicel 5k run ....couldn't keep up with him 😂 #digicel5k #throwbackthursday He kept saying "mommy let's go, we don't have to win we just need to do well enough...mommy put away the phone it's a distraction" 😂😂😂😂 #hesatrooper

PS: this clip was when him buss 😂😂 he bounced right back after that though
This sweetheart got up at 3am to come to the ER with me and stayed all through the night/morning even though he had class (which he even offered to skip). I had to come back in for surgery, so he came with me and hasn't left my side. #kristoah #hesatrooper #lovemyman
He’s prepped and ready! A little torn up about them shaving half his leg 😂 but otherwise in great spirits. Prayers appreciated as they repair his Achilles. #husbandandwife #hesatrooper #myman #my❤
When you tell a new crew member to stand next to the refuelling tank with a fire extinguisher “just in case” #newbies #newcrew #hesatrooper 😂✈️🚒⛽️
It's big chemo day for this kid! He has "sleepy room" which is his spinal chemo that they put him to sleep for, dr visit, the chemo Vincristine in his port, PT visit and steroids this week! He has a little cough so if he could get some happy vibes/prayers that they still do sleepy room that would be great!! He's ready to kick today's butt! #cancersucks #kickingcancersbutt #hesatrooper #alwayssmiling #evenunderthemask
First minor injury 🤕 he ran into the wall corner. Ouch! 😥🙈 #owie #WestinLuke #hesatrooper