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Know the feeling, when you desperately need some inspiration, or motivation and that need drives you nuts until only the 'perfect inspirational something' will satisfy you? 😅
Perfectionism cost me lots of stress in my bachelor years at university and even more time, when I tried to be creative.
With social media it seems pretty much the same way.

People force themselves into something like the 'perfect feed', the perfect 'theme', or only post 'xyz', because that's what the 'followers' like. I wonder if we ( I'm totally a victim here, too 🙈) don't take this too seriously?
Just today someone (... ok it's @michaelrosarian, go have a look at his austin roses and melt away 🤗) posted a picture that didn't fit his main theme. I.e. Roses in this case.

But instead of ruining a 'perfect feed' it set him apart from all those instagram bots and feeds curated by professional advertising assistants (we know they are all around here doing nice jobs, don't we?).
It shows there is a living person, sharing something that brings him joy and doing so he reaches other living people, better than any automation tool ever could. Because we can connect even over a little flower growing out of concrete streets, we don't need our friends to be around 24/7, or our partners to be 100% perfect listeners.

Returning to my photograph today- we, the hobby & professional artists, neither need the 'perfect inspiration', nor the 'perfect reference photo'.
All you really need, is some appreciation for the little flaws. That's what makes a piece of art complete 😊 (This piece of beauty is from grandfather's garden, some 250km away from me and the splendid gardens of a large city)

Liebe Grüße, Innis 🌷
#enjoytheflaws #herbst2017 #socialmediathoughts #gartenliebe #dalia #pinkflower #canong9x #thisisinspiration
Pünktlich zum Start des Herbstwetters 🍁🍂 gibt es heute mal keinen Salat, sondern herbstlich dekorierte... 🤔 ...nennen wir es mal Hüttenkäse-Häppchen 👆 Hüttenkäse ist sehr proteinreich und gleichzeitig fettarm, also ideales #healthyfood . Am liebsten würze ich ihn einfach nur mit frisch gemahlenem bunten Pfeffer und dem Kräuterquark-Gewürz von @justspices (keine Werbung, selbstgekauft) und esse den Hüttenkäse auf frischem Vollkornbrot. Wer es etwas süßer mag, kann z.B. zusätzlich noch das Berry-Joghurt-Spice verwenden.
Hiermit nehme ich zudem ein weiteres Mal bei der #herbstfoodchallenge 🍁 von 👉 @misava.styleofmylife und @paulinehausen teil. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
#gesundessen #herbst2017 #herbstfood #foodpic #foodblogs #fitdurch2017 #instafood #picoftheday #healthylifestyle
Noch eine Softshelljacke - nur weil die Punkte so toll sind und nicht, weil die Mädels so dringend eine brauchen würden.😄
#naehmannsgarn #nähenfürkinder #nähenmachtglücklich #mialuna #shiva #herbst2017

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