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#like4like #likesforlikes #l4l #followforfollow #likeforlike #likes #like #follow4follow #f4f #hello #friends #followers #apple #applewatch #ipad #iphone8plus #goals #addicted #applemusic #love #watch #healthylifestyle #helpme #loving #um #addiction Ok ready for Fall and Winter lol. Addicted to Apple 🍎 products since the first 📱 I said I would never get the Apple Watch ⌚️ but I love ❤️ it #loveit It does so much and really keeps you #motivated Great tools For sure!! Apple Music 🎶 works great as well. Getting healthier is always a goal 🥅🤗🙏🏻 Have a nice evening and take care. #goodnight
These little bottles changed everything for me. They were my missing puzzle piece when it came to my natural, minimal waste, plant based home. I’m now able to balance my emotions, provide natural first aid, get rid of headaches, stay balanced during my menstrual cycle, ditch all my harmful meds in the medicine cabinet, improve my skin, clean my house, do my laundry, and way more... chemical free, all with these plant based essential oils! Each of these 15 mL bottles can be used 250x, and you generally only need 1 drop per use! - through the end of the month dōTERRA has an amazing promo that gets you 3 bottles free, and I’m throwing in 2 more + a secret gift to the next person who purchases this kit! 15 oils + a diffuser, exclusively through me! DM me and I’ll hook you up! 😍
Share pengalaman nya dong bunda bunda yang anaknya udah di sapih.... Karena nela udah gak mimi sehari semalam, PD jadi penuh dan bengkak, bahkan yg sebelah kanan udah keras dan linu. Ada yang tau gimana ngatasin nya dan biar ASI nya cepet surut?
#helpme 😂
Recap on my week so far, probably changing my major even though a lot of people think I shouldn't but I got to be happy with my future you know so just doing something for money will never be enough for me (I wish it would be), I have 3 midterms next week so I'm going to die, and my cat wakes me up every night at 4am and won't stop until 8am. I have like 10 peanut butter m&m's left which is sad. However I totally figured out what tattoo I'm getting next so that's pretty cool. Also I get to see my dude tomorrow so thank God for that. Ohhhh and I'm going to learn to long board #imatacrossroad #selfie #helpme #imweird #needavacay #always
Όταν πρέπει να ξυρίσεις τα γένια για το στρατό, αλλά δεν σε νοιάζει γιατί δεν μένεις από τρίχες 😥 😂 #helpme 🙀

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