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✨Agradezco ✨
Estar aquí
Tener a mis amigos
Tener a mis maestros
Agradezco a mi familia
Agradezco por mi trabajo
Agradezco los alimentos
Agradezco la energía que fluye
Agradezco VIVIR!
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User Image shakeitfit_withkina Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:54 AM (UTC)
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It’s not just about losing weight and getting skinny, it’s about GAINING your life back 💚 are you ready to take back control of your life?! Join me
User Image fitbikinibabes Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:55 AM (UTC)

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Where do you go to escape?
📷 @julia__yaroshenko 😍
Comment below 👍
Repost from @jesswildandwell one of our members! ✨✨ This video ( was just shared on our crossfit community page and it resonated with me so much. (Thanks @livvyw 😘) It talks about beauty in strength and it spoke to me on so many levels. I have spent years unhappy with my body, I have been skinny but still didnt feel skinny enough, I have a booty but it still wasnt big enough, no matter what, it wasnt good enough. Its only been in the past 2 years that ive really been accepting of my body in whatever way it looks but in the past 6 months since getting into crossfit, I can honestly say I feel the most confident, sexy and best ive ever felt. Why? Because feeling strong, fit and healthy far out weighs anything else for me now. And this can apply to any form of fitness for you. Aim for strength, fitness and feeling healthy before aesthetics and they will naturally follow anyway. Watch this short video as it has a really important message 💛
User Image transformations.fatloss Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:49 AM (UTC)

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DAILY MOTIVATION 💯🔝🍑TAG a Friend to motivate them! And FOLLOW @transformations.fatloss for Fitness Motivation 🥇🎯
 @bobogetsfit is the picture shown💖 Follow them to ask them questions about their journey!❤️
User Image marisaamanzano Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:46 AM (UTC)
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Current obsession: GOLDEN MILK✨💫👅
#Repost @sung_a_pole (@get_repost)

조성아 원장님과 김수지 건대지점장님의 아름다운 #더블폴 ^^ 두 분의 또다른 #더블폴 영상이 궁금하시다면? ☛
🔺유튜브🔻에 #조성아폴댄스 를 검색해보세요! ・
너무 아쉬운영상 😢😢
시간이 너무 부족했어
미안...담주엔 안늦을께😆
담주엔 바꿔서해보쟝😋😋 오늘은 우리가 좋아하는 #두바이 언냐들 따라하기❤ w/@polesuzy
inspired by @vlada_polefitdubai 😍😍thank you 😘

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#신사동가로수길 #폴댄스 #운동녀 #일상 #daily #workout #healthygirl
User Image mariashafitness Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:06 AM (UTC)

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LOVE YOUR BODY, LOVE YOUR MIND, LOVE YOUR JOURNEY, LOVE OTHERS! In order to love & help others, we must first love ourselves. If we do not have love for ourselves, than there isn't much love to give! In return, when we give love to others, we may get love. If we appreciated everything we did and reminded ourselves that everything we were doing (ex: eating, breathing, going to the bathroom, sitting, etc.) Is really caring for ourselves and that we deserve the best, it may cause us to love ourselves a bit more. Once we truly love ourselves, we can try and change for even better since we are not doing it out of shame for ourselves but rather out of love!
🍞วาฟเฟิลทำจากแป้งถั่วขาว @orachorn_beslender นี่ทำวาฟเฟิลตั้งไว้นานแล้ว ได้หลายชิ้นจับเข้าฟรีซ❄️ 〰ไข่เจียวหรือไข่คนก็ไม่รู้ 🍳ใส่หอมหัวใหญ่ ใส่แครอท 🥕โรยโกจิเบอร์รี่ @sasisnacks แฟลกซ์ซีด 🤤
User Image miamifitplan Posted: Mar 19, 2018 4:53 PM (UTC)

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Color and flavorful meal in today’s menu!! And you, already prepared for lunch? 📷: turkey, tomato, spinach, veggie cheese and mustard for this delicious burger.
User Image eyesofsuccess Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:10 AM (UTC)

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Don’t stress Over the closed doors behind you. God has new doors opening for you, if you keep moving forward #selflove #selfconfidence #healthygirl
User Image dingopublishing Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:00 AM (UTC)

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By Helen Hayes.

Don’t be afraid to start even if you are going to suck at first. Have some courage to push through.

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