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User Image recalibratedbodies Posted: Nov 23, 2017 5:58 AM (UTC)
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The tough decision that constantly plagues every guy's (and some girl's) mind - especially if you're starting out. Here's some questions and tips I use with my male clients to help them determine what to do for their situation:

1. You're pretty new to training (<1-2 yrs)
- Can't see abs? Focus on dropping body fat, but do a lot more weight training than cardio. You will more than likely be able to build an appreciable amount of size in the process due to being so far from your genetic potential.
- Can see abs? Keep things in a low caloric surplus, maintain good condition and just keep working hard.
- skinny shredded? Eat up! Get to a point where you can only see only a 4-pack pretty fast, and then slowly bulk

2. You're experienced (2<5 yrs consistent training) and hitting a plateau
- can you see abs? If so, slowly bulk up
- no abs and overweight? No harm in reducing body fat to help improve fitness, insulin sensitivity, lower oestrogen levels and possibly boost motivation, and then slowly bulking up again. You'll also feel more muscular due to increased muscle definition.

3. You're near your genetic potential (>5 yrs consistent training)
- by now, every gram of muscle requires a lot more body fat gained to gain size. Losing abs may be a necessity to stack on an appreciable amount of muscle mass. If you really want to get bigger without drugs, you more than likely will need to put your winter coat on. But still bulk slowly - above a certain threshold, excess body fat gain is of no greater benefit; you will build muscle mass at roughly the same rate. Therefore, keep fat gain high enough to build mass, but keep it low enough to keep the muscle to fat ratio as high as possible.
- if you're happy with your size, but do want to be shredded for an event, then cut. But realise there's no chance in hell that you'll gain muscle, and you more than likely will lose muscle in the process
- periodically bulk and cut to keep your condition within a certain range (between about 10 and 15%)
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Red 8 lb reels plus a blue spring for my lunge! Great combo for this workout!
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User Image mikkaelagittens Posted: Nov 23, 2017 5:48 AM (UTC)
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Joint pain can be due to inflammation or degeneration and you'll want to make sure you're doing and taking the right medicines depending on which kind you have. You wouldn't want to be taking loads of glucosamine if your wrist is inflamed from constantly lifting your baby or peeling pounds of sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. I do recommend two things for almost all joint pain: acupuncture and hydrotherapy. For more treatment and nutrition options, click the link in profile!
Smoothie bowl inspo via @coconutbowls 💕
Add some @thesmoothiebombs and sprinkle some @_yonuts_ for that extra nutrient boost 💪💪
User Image josiismyjob Posted: Nov 23, 2017 5:11 AM (UTC)
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#smoothieselfie #becausewhynot 🤷🏼‍♀️ Nachdem ich die letzten Tage in einem #schokoladenrausch verbracht habe, versuche ich seit gestern Abend mich wieder mit #smoothies gesund zu trinken. Naja, zumindest die #mikros wieder aufzufüllen. #bodypump Sprache kann ich auch 😂✌️ Rezepte spar ich euch- ihr könnt da ja nicht wirklich viel falsch machen. Kleiner Trick nur: gefrorener Blattspinat und gefrorene Beeren sind meine #gotos . Damit wird jeder Smoothie lecker 😋
Habt ihr Smoothiefavoriten?

Bleibt gesund und bis morgen 💪
User Image itsmehaleypriest Posted: Nov 23, 2017 5:06 AM (UTC)
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I’m training for my first marathon and today was day 👆🏻it was definitely harder than I thought. I had a lot of expectations for day 1. And I got done and I felt defeated. BUT I’m not going to let this one beginning run let it determine the rest of my training or my actual marathon. I just have to remind myself that at the beginning, it’s usually rough and difficult, just like when I started going to the gym. But now the gym is way different than when I started. And I know that if I keep with it, running will be like that too. Don’t let one event, one day, one week or month or year determine your life. Just because of one bad thing, doesn’t mean the rest has to be or will be bad! 💎

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