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Slightly less than 4mi trail run at #stinkytrail. Got turned around again.. Still learning these trails #healthfischfit
Really had fun with crossfit and enjoyed expanding my fitness technique but it sure does feel good to be hittin some bodybuilding exercises again #addictedtothepump
Despite all the stress my life is still a blast. I have an awesome girlfriend and a promising future. I'm proud of what the fitlife has done for me and it makes me laugh to hear all the haters and "get fit quick" people. There is NO substitute for hard work and in fitness there is no shortcut or way to buy success. Hard work and dedication = results.
Working on my muscle up. So sloppy but it's all about progression. #barstarzz #muscleup #healthfischfit #crossfit
Just a little perspective into a truly dedicated fit life.... I keep raw veggie and fruit snacks on hand at all times to curb hunger and satisfy my #macros... I not call them macros though. To me it's just about giving your body what it needs. I split my intake into 3 categories. 1. Protien (protein bars or meat) 2. Veggies (raw or cooked) 3. Sweets (fresh fruit). Just eat these in a balanced way and eat small amount to curb your appetite when your hungry and you WILL see results. Anyway "my personal opinion". #healthfischfit #fitfam #fitness #practicaleating
Remember at thanksgiving 🍂and Christmas🎅 when you said you were eating too much and shouldn't?😕 Remember on new years eve 🎉🎉when you resolved to workout and get fit💪💪 but didn't?😕 Well some of us were using self control portioning back and not eating pie🍰 during the holidays🍂🎅 and resolving to go harder in the gym💪🎉...... One of the most inspirational quotes I've ever heard is "A YEAR FROM NOW YOU WILL WISH YOU WOULD HAVE STARTED TODAY". 👍👍 It's NEVER to late to commit to a healthy lifestyle and I look forward to seeing where I'm at a year from today......